Somebody brought the juicer I thought I’d take a sip

by davebarclay1954

My last post upset me so much, I’m not sure if you understood what I was getting at by reviewing Mein Kampf (My Struggle) but as the most hated man in the world prior to 2001 I thought I would read his book to see if there was any indication of how such an evil man came into being. What I read shook me because his arguments were well discussed, he set out his reasons for believing what he was writing and, I think, he truly believed them.

A man like that who could do so much evil by controlling a country decimated by war and it’s aftermath could have done so much good had he had a mind to. The art of history is to teach the mistakes of the past which is why I don’t think his book should be banned by any society but not everyone who reads it will have my point of view and some may read his words today and be moved by them as the German people were in the 1920’s. The world was a much more violent place in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, countries signed alliances based on marriages between Royal Families and hoped they would never have to honour them.

Europe could have been united before the end of the first World War had Germany gone to the negotiating table with a stronger representation. Because the French wanted reparation for the destruction of French fields and lands as quickly as possible they bled Germany dry. That mistake was not made at the end of the second World War, Germany was split in two by the Allies, half rebuilt by the West and the other half left in ruin by the Soviet Army. Since reunification of Germany it has once again become the most powerful state in Europe, this time though there are none who want to see another war destroying Europe at the hands of Europeans. In Germany or any other European country. The European Union has played its part in that, however, we Brits were never part of that because, as Winston Churchill himself put it in 1949, “Why would we seek to willingly join with 2 countries we have so recently defeated in War and 3 others who were occupied for so long by those 2?”

That has been our attitude here for so long we still take pride in defeating Germany and Germans at every opportunity. Now we are going to cut off our noses to spite our face because our leaders have never successfully negotiated with Europe since we voted to join in 1972. If they had then we would have not had a second referendum in 2016 which opted us for Brexit. If our Prime Ministers over the years had gone into a united Europe from the beginning then we could have used our position to better help to heal the wounds caused between 1939-1945, forging a much stronger Europe and one which could have helped to heal the scars left over from 2 disastrous wars when almost every country on this planet was involved.

The thing this time; with the third World War, which started back in 2001 on 9 November in the United States of America; is that the bulk of the fighting has been fought in the Middle East. Yes there have been the odd rumblings in Europe, a few skirmishes here and there, as well as the odd shots fired, planes brought down in the USA. For the most part however, the fighting has been in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. With pockets of fighting in Africa. The reason I call this a World War when the political stance currently in the USA that it isn’t is down to the fact that this time there are no neutral countries, every country has upped the security, closed borders, arrested immigrants and sent them back to the country they were fleeing or back to the country they were last welcomed into.

That was the reason behind Brexit, why a lot of places in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece and Sweden who took in vast numbers of refugees paid the price for this action by having some enemy combatants hiding in plain sight. Unlike the other two world wars where every soldier wore a uniform, this time it is only our soldiers who wear uniforms. Our enemies no longer wear a uniform because they are cowards and want to get innocent people to pay for their war. They refuse to make themselves known to anyone until they are wearing a suicide vest and carrying a gun yet they want us to imagine a big and powerful army is setting against us, why? So that we will kill people because of their religion or where they came from? Yes that is exactly their reasoning. History has taught them nothing except to hide, and fight then run. Our biggest advantage is that we have never bowed down to terror as a weapon, in the two previous World Wars there was terror deployed on both sides of the fighting to try and end the hostilities. However, after all was said and done the ones who wanted to enslave the others were defeated so what makes these terrorists today think they can win?