All You need is love

by davebarclay1954

Seasons greetings to one and all. Why is love so hard to find? There is more discord and fighting today than peace. The greatest statesman of recent times, Nelson Mandela, is dead but he is receiving tributes from almost every head of state, rock stars and entertainers. Even football had 2 minutes silence before kick off last weekend. In truth, I say to you all, mourn him not but try to live your life as he lived his. Forgiveness is paramount, love is a truly powerful emotion and it can move mountains. We should treat all human beings with love and respect. After all regardless of skin tone we share this planet and if cut we all bleed red.

Every religion has it’s own “bible” and they all say much the same thing, not one of these texts preaches war, death and destruction, they all ask for peace love and understanding. When a great man walks amongst us we are all changed whether or not we actually get to meet him. In recent times we have had so many pointing the way to move forward yet how many listened to, or even understood, the universal message?

No matter what religion you follow you should accept the traditions and beliefs of the country in which you find yourself. If you celebrate at this time of year you should be able to do so freely and without fear. It’s very easy to hate someone with different beliefs, that does not make it right. Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jane, we are all human first and foremost. We all came into this world the same way and we all leave the same way.

So sorry but I felt that needed saying, especially at this time of year.