Something is happening here

by davebarclay1954

Well another week has flown past, getting closer to the end of the year. I must force myself to come on here at least once a day and write something. This blog is hardly the greatest piece of written English but it gives me an outlet somewhere bright to go, instead of the darkest areas I visit when I’m not on here. I am sure it’s not healthy to spend time with Death even if he’s such a good friend. I do not fear death, after all no one gets out of here alive.

My friends, I will share a secret with you, if you greet death as a friend and have lived a (relatively) good life, you have nothing to fear anyway. Death is merely shedding our corporeal body to enter the final, spiritual life. I don’t believe in a God, that does not mean I don’t believe there is nothing after this existence. I also believe that if we get it wrong we can come back and try again. Nobody has been able to prove there is nothing after this, but again nobody can prove there isn’t.

We are here and not one person can prove they have all the answers but I believe human is not divine, that is the next level of attainment. When I decided to sit down and write this blog, I had no ideas for anything to write about so I don’t know where I’m going with this. All I know is hatred and fear create bigots, regardless of skin colour. There are black racists (admittedly few of them). If we learn to live peacefully and get to know our neighbours, all mankind are our neighbours, then we can make this a world of plenty for everyone. There is so much greed and fear around now but the first step has to be made by someone and I’m willing to make the effort to get to know my neighbours but who will join me?

We know the majority of terrorists are Muslims, but not all Muslims are terrorists, any more than all Irish belong to either the UDA or IRA, most have no allegiance to either paramilitary organisation. Who finds it easy to stand up to men with guns. Throughout recent history more and more ordinary people have done just that some have died as a result. Peaceful protest is the only way to let these people know you disagree with them. More has been achieved by peaceful means than by both sides in any conflict.

I would be interested to hear any comments on this subject from both sides.