Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf?

by davebarclay1954

Some of you may have noticed my absence of late, perhaps you have unfollowed me, but for those who have missed me can I please say a heartfelt thank you so much for your patience. Because I get depressed and tend to drag others down into the deep dark places I frequent so often I will not write anything on here on those days.

I am not my usual bubbly effervescent self today but the dark mood has lifted somewhat so I decided I’ve been quiet long enough. ‘Nuff said!

What am I going to say today? I don’t want this blog turning into a political angst fest, so I won’t even tell you why I felt suicidal yesterday. Suffice to say it was brought on by the advisor I saw at the dole yesterday.

For those who don’t know me I do try to keep this blog upbeat, lighthearted and funny so that no one knows when I’m sinking into the darkness. This is down to the fact that I don’t want anyone else to feel my pain. I am so tired just now but feel a duty of care to take care of you, my faithful reader. Should I tell you why I have grown weary of being upbeat? No, I don’t think so either. I’m coming away from the dark places I visit for a chat with my old friend Death. I’m not frightened of dying, there’s no need to be, you got to go sometime, right? I will tell you, I don’t fear death but there are things worse than dying. I don’t feel sorrow that my friends and loved ones have gone, I miss them terribly but, for them at least, the pain and suffering have ended. As long as we carry memories of them they will live on. I have caused pain, upset and misery to those I should really have been taking care of. Enough is enough is enough. I have turned a corner and want desperately to keep going forward.

Anyway, thank you for being there for me I may not say it often enough but I do love you all. Till next time this is Darth Darko signing off, Nanoo Nanoo.