In the beginning was the word

by davebarclay1954

And the word is love, it’s in the good and the bad books that I have read, if you believe in a God, Jehovah, Jah, Allah or the Father of the Christ, does it not follow that you are opposed to death, corruption and, ultimately war? If you do not believe in a God does that make you lawless? Following a life of pleasure, including fighting, killing and finding new weapons to take as many lives as possible? No, it does not. People who follow Islam have fought against other religions since the Dark Ages. Christians have fought against Jews, Muslims and each other since the beginning of that religion. Romans and Greeks fought holy wars to spread their pagan gods out as far as they could go. Is there any religious people who preach love, non-violence and prayer? Well yes there is, they have been persecuted for being different over the ages, yet they are still around. Zionists apart, they offered no resistance in Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria or even England when seemingly sane and educated people have persecuted them. Yes I’m referring to Jews! Those who speak Hebrew as early Christians spoke Latin, right up until the latter half of the 20th Century Roman Catholics still celebrated in Latin.

Jews have always been peaceful, decent people, yes they are human in spite of the doctrines of fascism, communism, socialism and almost any other ism you can think of. If they are so peaceful why do people take against them so often and with such hatred? I think the answer lies in the occupations these well educated people choose to follow, doctors of medicine, lawyers, goldsmiths, jewellers, dentists, psychiatrists. All necessary professions which pay well, is jealousy the motive then? Possibly.

The other area where these people excel is their education, that is obvious because you no longer see a poor Jew anywhere. That is because they have their own teachers for academic subjects, they also teach the Old Testament to their children from an early age. I was taught by Nuns, Monks and priests the meaning to the holy bible but had lay educators to teach me academic subjects. Because of this I had a different person teaching me every subject. No chance of building up a relationship with most of my teachers. Questions were frowned upon, until entering further education. If you don’t understand something why shouldn’t you ask why?

That is the way we learn, we ask questions until we grasp the basics and can then use that knowledge to solve more complicated problems. We do not need to fight, there is no need to fight, surely if we educate our oppressor in areas we agree and agree to differ on everything else that would benefit, not only mankind, but also this planet we call home?