Believing he listened

by davebarclay1954

This blog started as an exercise, an outlet for me so that I would get into the habit of writing every day, in that I’ve failed my dear reader. Quite often I know what I want to say but words fail me, at other times I forget to take my anti depressants and can’t be bothered to do anything. Tethered is a tale I’d like to tell, a brief history, if you will, of friendship, debauchery, drunkenness and sobriety, marriage, divorce, children and animals. Friends come and go, people move around, lose touch then find each other again.

Of course finding people has never been easier, there are lots of social network sites, the Internet has made the world smaller, it’s difficult to hide these days. In so many ways we’re living through George Orwell’s apocalyptic tale, 1984, yet we could not be further removed from that tale, or could we?

This is becoming garbled, just like my book of poetry which I couldn’t get published, I’d called it Mercurial Anagoge, those of my readers who are also philologists may realise it as fluid rubbish. Unfortunately I think the publishers I tried realised that was indeed the title and didn’t get round to reading any of the poetry inside.

Before I completely lose it, I’m going to publish and be damned this time around!