She’s just a woman

by davebarclay1954

How often that phrase gets misused! We’ve all heard it, can’t expect her to know she’s just a woman. Is that the sign of a misguided man? Too right it is, women know more than they will sometimes let on, modern women can do anything a man can do, and then some. I’ve seen women driving trucks, buses (well now there aren’t any clippies, what else would they do) even tanks. Women take an active part in all aspects, of what used to be called men’s work. And sometimes they even do it as well as a man, if not better.

This goes back to my last blog as put downs are never called for, and even constitute bullying if repeated. Why do people use put downs? Do they really have an extremely low self-esteem or self-worth view?

Anyway that’s all I wanted to say at the moment, go with your God, in love and peace.