I am you as you are me

by davebarclay1954

Don’t feel as bad today, thank goodness, if I can get some sleep I’ll probably start feeling a hole lot better a hole lot quicker.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans, like a Chinese wrestlers jock strap cooked in chip fat on a greasy day.

For your pleasure in our present state, our words come tumbling into a plastic cup. Like rain pounding the pavement my head has demons chipping away inside my grey skull isn’t life grand?

Look at the coffin boys, with golden handles, isn’t it grand to be bloody dead? You should always remember the longer you live – the sooner you’ll die. (Just to cheer the mood dear reader). I wonder what it must be like to buy the farm, to take deaths hand and head to the sunshine?

There’s a loony on the bus, and you sat next to him. Madness is an altered perception of things, but whose to say you see things correctly and the lunatic is wrong? Could it not be that you’ve misread the signs and he’s completely right?

Maybe this is the mutterings of a genius, but you want him locked up out of harms way. The truth, you see, all depends on your perspective and point of view. Try looking at life from a different stand point, see how you feel doing this and how things look.