It’s not easy

by davebarclay1954

When I decided to blog every day I thought “how hard can it be to put words down, a few pics and publish?” Little did I know how hard it really is, especially when you’ve got a mind like mine ūüė¶

I had to reformat my laptop hard drive and reinstall windows, of course that lost all my saved data, passwords, iTunes library, bookmarks and I’ve not been in the best of health either so still haven’t got round to using the laptop for these blogs, which would make life easier for me.

I really need to get my 3 Tb of mp4 files back into iTunes so that I can update my iPhone and iPad and check for iOS updates. Anyway it’s almost 01:30 here and I’ve got to be up at 07:30 so am going to bed now or I’ll be falling asleep all day tomorrow.