How bad can it get?

by davebarclay1954

Well, I thought I was on the mend but have just spent the last 36 hours going from hot sweats to cold sweats and back again. I’m determined to post at least 1 blog today, and play catch up with the two I’ve missed when I’m back to 100% fit. Bumped into an old friend while I was ill, and I’ve not seen him since he died in 1976! That’s how ill I’ve been dear reader.

I’m trying to eat for the first time in ages. Needless to say I’m having soup. Quick, light and a test of my stomach. So far so good, it went down a treat let’s hope it stays down. Well, that was written 2 hours ago and so good so far. Still switching from hot to cold to hot but at least I now know its not the dreaded nori virus that’s doing the rounds.

Not sure that’s the correct spelling but I haven’t quite worked out how to turn off autocorrect on here, if I can turn it off. Anyway I’ve got the shivers again so will bid you goodnight, even though I’d normally be staying up for another 3 or 4 hours were I not ill.