There’s meltdown in the sky

by davebarclay1954

Another meandering post to follow soon, dear reader, music to accompany this post is from Aerosmith, America’s answer to the Rolling Stones. I don’t own the copyright to this song, video is provided by YouTube and, as always, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

In a recent poll in America, 56% of Americans don’t want their children learning Maths using Arabic Numerals, the other 44% knew that that is what is being taught currently. How stupid is a nation when they don’t understand the methods used in schools to educate their children?

It seems to me that the planet is being driven by lunatics who have taken over the asylum, just like the idiots we have controlling our lives these days, the majority of people think they know it all when in reality they know nothing. I don’t know everything about everything and readily admit to not knowing when it is dangerous to pretend to have answers.

The planet is dying and all we can do is sit and watch while our leaders pour gasoline on the flames (for those who don’t use gasoline it’s petrol). If we aren’t part of the solution then we are the problem, as long as criminals and crooks are in charge of the most powerful nations on the planet (yes I’m talking about China, Russia and the USA) who want to profit from the planet’s destruction then we are all part of the problem.

The issues we are facing today are not national issues, they are not domestic problems, they are not who has the right to govern us, they are Global issues, who has the right to destroy our environment to create more extreme weather systems by Mother Nature? Should we continue to destroy our natural habitat, creating more extreme phenomena as the planet seeks to reverse the damage we are causing? If we continue down the road we are following now then we will be extinct by the end of this millenium, along with a lot of other creatures walking this earth.

I know, I have said this before, I started saying this to anyone who would listen to me in the late 1960’s when I realised that war and destruction of plants creates chaos in the areas where the planet needs stability. I used to fight my fellow students while at high school (secondary it was that I went to but that distinction is irrelevant today). However, I learned by the age of 14 that we have to stop fighting for irrelevant causes when there is so much more at stake. I wanted to serve my country so joined the Royal Navy in 1971, I thought I could be sent to South East Asia (Vietnam) in a support role so that I could educate American Marines in the futility of fighting a communist regime with no regard for normal rules of engagement. Only to be told that we had no role in the war in that area. Once I realised that I was left no choice but to use my last “buy out” option to leave after serving 12 months.

If we don’t wake up soon to the mess we have made of this planet then it will be past the point of no return, we haven’t arrived there yet but it is getting very close. With the Russians seeking to undermine the unity of the West and getting involved in politics and elections in the USA and the UK to buy the underdog power and division they are achieving their goal of becoming the most successful regime in the history of the world. We have to realise that we need to stop the division, regain our democracy and look to become a global society.

Instead of criticising other countries for not being democratic enough, we should look at ourselves and ask how far we can go down the road of autocracy before we wake up and reverse the bad decisions paid for by the Russian President? His agenda is to weaken us by driving wedges between nations, divide and conquer, because that has always worked in the past. We have to unite again and should be forming bigger alliances not tearing apart what we have already built.

In the USA, almost daily, there are shootings in schools, on streets, children being killed in the cross fire and dangerous levels of weapons finding their way into the hands of other children. The current administration will not legislate against the production and marketing of these guns because the vast majority of their funding comes from the NRA and the manufacturers of these weapons of destruction. Money they, in turn, are receiving from the Russians, in order to buy the President and spokesperson of the “Free” World.

We cannot continue down this path without consequences, the end result will affect future generations who are already worried that the planet we are going to leave them will be so polluted that they are going to struggle to leave anything meaningful to their children and the generations to follow them. That is why so many of our children today are going on strike on a Friday to try and force the adults around them to do something today so that they actually inherit something meaningful from us. We cannot continue to allow them to disrupt their education so they can learn how to best protect themselves from us and our legacy.

I have said this before and I will continue to say it, free speech is a right I will defend with my life if I have to, everyone should be free to say whatever they want, without fear of prosecution or violence. However, if you say something I don’t agree with I have the right to tell you, to your face if possible, that I disagree and give my reasons. I have the same right to live my life without fear that you do. Just because I am a woman, black, a lesbian, a strong willed person, does not give you the right to silence me.

More and more states in the USA are making abortion illegal, seeking to force women to go through with pregnancies even after rape, incest or any other form of non-consensual sex. There is now a 12 year old girl in Ohio who is pregnant following a rape by her relative, she is unable to have an abortion in her home state but who will ultimately have the responsibility to raise her and her child? She is too young to realise the expense of raising a child, she is too young to understand the changes going through her body. Yet MEN have decided that if she gets an abortion she is liable to be prosecuted and serve 99 years in prison or the death sentence for her crime. All the while the MAN who raped her and destroyed her innocence got a 2 year suspended sentence. Where is the justice in Ohio?

This would never have been considered under any other POTUS, not even Nixon. We all know how big a crook he was but the current POTUS is dangerous because he has been running an organised crime family for decades and is now seeking to legitimise it (and himself) by passing laws that he is above the law, getting his cronies in positions of power to ensure he never faces any criminal charges after he has declared the 2020 election null and void and himself president for life. Don’t kid yourself America, he has already stated he will do as much, don’t believe him when he tells you he is joking – he isn’t.

He has lied, cheated and been bought the Presidency, using his position to generate more wealth for his companies (family owned) in the process. He is a pathological liar and will use his current position to get his own way as far as possible. I have said it before and it is worth saying again, he is backing up law breakers with the promise of a presidential pardon if they are caught and prosecuted. He is supportive of White Supremacists, bringing them out of the shadows into the light because he will pardon them if they are prosecuted for hate crimes.

He is open in his support for dictators (Kim Jong-Un and Putin are the most obvious ones but he also supports others). He is destroying the freedoms enjoyed under every other president, fought for since the 1960’s when JFK was elected as the youngest POTUS. He wants to turn the clock back before 1864 when the civil war was fought to end slavery. He has a history of not paying his employees, this is slavery under everything but name.

We have to realise that lying, buying and cheating your way to victory is unlawful and will be overturned as such. We have to work together as a global community to end the power of the super rich to control our environment and lives in any way they see fit.