Take a look at the world

by davebarclay1954

Change of pace for a bank holiday Monday in a still divided UK. Copyright is owned by Jimmy Cliff and Island Records. Video is Jimmy Cliff’s original version as John Holt’s version wasn’t available in the UK.

I’ve been spending a few days in Scotland visiting Stirling (the old capital of Scotland after Dunfermline, before it moved to Edinburgh). That’s why I haven’t posted in a while. The scenery in Scotland is breathtaking and there is no open hostility to POC or visitors to that beautiful country. So much so it got me thinking about being home here in England again. Following the 2016 referendum when the people of England and Wales voted (with a very narrow majority) to leave the EU tensions started soaring. Europeans who have lived and worked here for decades were being told to “Go home, we don’t want you here any more” receiving death threats from the idiots who had no idea how much the economy was going to be crippled by their chosen option to leave.

We started hearing all around England and Wales that Brexit means Brexit, but no one could say what Brexit actually meant. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted by 60% to 40% to Remain in the EU so any Brexit deal should not affect either country. Nicola Sturgeon has now seen a marked switch within Scotland for Independence and a chance to rejoin the EU, accepting the Euro as their currency if the Bank of England refuses to accept the Scottish Pound as a legitimate currency. The last Independence referendum in Scotland was narrowly won by those wanting to Remain because they believed the lies spread by Cameron and the Tories. They now see those lies for what they were.

The Leave campaign broke the rules governing fair referendum policy, lied, cheated and bought the result in England and Wales (due in no small part for Remain voters not bothering to go out since they thought they would win anyway). Ask any Remainer who no longer accepts the decision as being a mandate to leave why they are fighting and they will cite the illegality of the Brexit campaign. Ask any Brexiteer why they are against a second vote to decide between no deal Brexit and Remain and they will point to 2016 and say that the country voted to leave then.

Farage is disappointed that May failed to deliver Brexit by the end of March as he had a new job lined up in America to start in April. Why does he want to leave these shores after his dream of a broken nation is realised? Because he knows that after Brexit there will be no country around called United Kingdom, even Great Britain will cease to exist since that is England, Scotland and Wales. With the removal of both Scotland and Northern Ireland how will England fare without Europe? Businesses will close, the economy will continue to crash. Companies who were operating in England to get a foothold into Europe have already started leaving, the banking industry had their European head offices in London but they have been moving to Berlin and Paris since 2016.

Unemployment is already starting to hit in the North and West of the country. Scotland is still seeing business booming because people realise that an Independent Scotland will be welcomed back into Europe (especially with the Euro as their currency) so it is going to continue to be business as normal. England may gain control of their borders but when no one wants to live there that will be a hollow victory.

The Brexit party are on record as saying the economy will fail quickly after Brexit and jobs will be lost in their millions but everything will recover “In a short space of time. Around 30-50 years.” Bearing in mind the planet will die if we don’t do something in the next 5-10 years to save it that means they will cripple this country and lose stature on the International stage.

United we stand divided we fall, there is no middle ground. Brexiteers wanted a second referendum if Remain won by less than 5%, yet when they won by only 3.8% they went suddenly very quiet and started claiming a great victory. Of course the idiots who follow them and believe that everything that is bad in England and Wales comes from Immigration and Muslims have not grasped the fact that they are scape goats and the real criminals are the wealthy, the foreign government buying their loyalty and they are the ones who are selling up in England and buying property in Europe and the USA.

They will not be leaving their wealth behind either as it is not held in UK banks, they have the vast majority of their wealth offshore in tax free havens. Farage, tRump, Putin are all colluding to bring the West down and cause the rise of the Russian Empire. If you don’t think Putin is trying to reunite the former states of the USSR then take a look at Ukraine and her borders. They are shrinking while Russia is increasing the size of her borders. Crimea was stage one and Putin will not stop there, he wants the entire Ukraine and Georgia back under Russian control.

It’s time to wake up here in the West, stop kidding ourselves that Russia is a loud mouth with no teeth, they have very sharp teeth, and they are preparing to use them. Farage, tRump and a lot of others are being investigated for money laundering for the Russians, using DeutscheBank and other banks around Europe. If you follow the money then it becomes obvious that the figures don’t add up. Of course they will fudge, shout and scream about witch hunts and blame their opponents but look at them, Farage living free in a palace owned by a Russian oligarch, tRump having private conversations with Putin and refusing to state what was discussed.

The time is ripe for Americans to impeach tRump publicly on television, Farage to be charged with money-laundering and accepting money from criminals. These should all be held in camera, on television, so that people can learn the truth behind the criminal organisations operating openly in Russia and behind the scenes in America and Britain.