And even since I knew it all so clear

by davebarclay1954

Well, it’s Sunday again, another end of week-end (for most of working age). I haven’t really got anything to write about this week but it’s time for me to stop putting off writing and letting you know about my pet peeve of the week or what I’ve been up to during the past week, dear reader.

There hasn’t been anything in particular which has pissed me off this week, I haven’t been up to much either, for a change. I still don’t have a job and the money is lasting because I haven’t been impulse buying as much. However, when told I have to stop spending money it becomes a red flag to a bull, depressing me and the best way to get out of the depression before things get too dark is to – spend money.

I made a huge purchase last week, 7 nights in Dubai for £1500 and paid it in full. That was total cost for 2. Unfortunately I booked the wrong hotel, however, when my wife checked the hotel I had booked she said she would let me off as it was the same price she had seen and was better than the hotel she had found.

I wonder how many of my readers have bought the new Paul McCartney album (Egypt Station)? I received it on the day of release and was dubious of how it would sound as the blurb said it was a departure from the last few albums released by Macca and was a return to his earlier solo sound. I gave it a listen and was pleasantly surprised. His voice has sounded off key when he has performed live in recent years so I was concerned about that, I needn’t have worried though as with the studio tricks they can perform now his voice sounds great. He can perform almost the entire album live as well so that will please the fans who will be queuing up for tickets when they go on sale.

I saw McCartney in concert in early 1973 on the Red Rose Speedway tour, with Wings. I really enjoyed that performance not least because Wings were a great band but also because Macca took a back seat to allow others in the group to share lead vocals. I doubt he will do that when it is only his name up in lights. I don’t know who will be backing him on tour but won’t rush to buy a ticket to see him again.

Ringo is on tour this year back in the USA and Europe but no UK dates. Why does Rich not tour in the UK do you think? Could it be that he has had enough of being pulled to pieces by the British critics? They can be harsh and more so to Rich than any of the other 3 previous members of the Fab Four. I listened to an interview on American tv with Paul McCartney and he said it was John who split the Beatles in 1969. In my view it was a mixture of them all. After all, George left then was persuaded to return, Ringo then left saying he’d had enough, but returned after a few days. Paul objected to Allen Klein being brought in to manage the group and decided his future father-in-law was going to manage his career so enter two managers to replace Eppy. With all the bickering every time they got together and having enough recorded material for 2 single albums or a double album, Lennon announced that he wanted a divorce from the other 3.

Having been asked to keep it under wraps until they decided what to do with the songs they had, John didn’t say anything to anyone about having left the group. He even went back into the studio with Phil Spector to record some funnies for inclusion in the songs that George Martin wanted nothing to do with which later became their last album Let It Be although it had been recorded prior to the sessions for Abbey Road.

Rich was the one chosen to speak to Paul McCartney who had announced several months before the release date for his first solo album and this had coincided with the release date for the last Beatles album. Neither album suffered bad sales because of this so the fears from Allen Klein were definitely unfounded. Of course McCartney was not the first solo Beatle record, that honour belongs to George Harrison with his Music from Wonderwall soundtrack album (Paul McCartney also had a soundtrack album the year before but he didn’t officially appear on it).

All of this has been laid to rest finally and it’s nice to hear Paul talking about his late songwriting partner with reverence. The news took us all by surprise and for a long time after it was Paul’s off the cuff remark that Lennon’s assassination was a “Drag” that remained in the public imagination. Those of us familiar with Beatles-speak knew what he meant but the media made a lot more of it at the time than it deserved. It was nice that Paul and John had once more worked together in the studio in 1974 (see the bootleg “A Toot And A Snore in 74”). Most of the guys in the studio, according to Lennon were standing around watching John and Paul perform old Rock ‘n’ Roll Standards for inclusion on the Lennon album simply called Rock ‘n Roll released in 1975.

Music today is also from the 1960’s before it was revised for a number one single a few years later. The song is copyright by Warner Bros and is found on YouTube so please enjoy Reflected.