A simple relief from this

by davebarclay1954

As put in song in the 1960’s the message was really simple and put succinctly by Macca’s songwriting buddy of the time – John Lennon. Macca has added his voice to the mix several times but this is his best reply yet to “Give Peace A Chance”. All we want is some peace in our lives “All You Need Is Love” as the greatest songwriting duo of recorded music put it in 1967 (OK it was mainly penned by John but I’m sure Macca added some sentiments to it).

There is becoming less acceptance recently, hatred seems to be gaining in popularity again but we don’t need it or want it. What we do need and want is some stability from our leaders and acceptance of everyone’s differences. After all we are all unique, there is only one of each of us. Acceptance of everyone doesn’t mean we become less than we are, that’s not how it works. We become better people and better citizens if we accept our differences and embrace them in others. It makes no difference what colour of skin people are in, whether they are male, female or non-binary, trans or straight, gay or not.

Some of my friends when I was growing up have turned out to be gay, so what? I have met a lot of lesbians over the years and feel better able to accept myself because I got to know them. I refuse to discriminate against anyone on first meeting, however, if you put down someone because of their skin colour, gender, sexual preference or any other unimportant facet of their being I will stop calling you a friend.

I hate to see people, especially children, thrown out of their homes by war and left to find shelter where they can. Surely in the 21st Century we can show some humanity and allow people to migrate to safety from war zones? Yes I know every country has limited resources but if these refugees were allowed in without checks at the border, given nothing as a handout but were allowed legally to work and find housing for themselves wouldn’t they be less likely to be terrorists?

Separating children from their parents is cruel and heartless and should be banned by every head of state in the Western World. Terrorists come in with refugees because they get handouts and can plot for the future. If they had to work to earn money for food and clothing for themselves and their families they would be less likely to plot. Don’t provide houses for refugees but give them somewhere warm and dry to live with adequate facilities but no luxuries and they will work and increase the resources for everyone. If you trust people most will be worthy of that trust and those that aren’t can always be sent back to where they came from.

With a track from his new album (Egypt Station) which I bought the day it was released I present for your delectation courtesy of Universal Music via YouTube Paul McCartney, the copyright to this music is owned by Macca and Universal Music not me but please enjoy.