by davebarclay1954

I don’t understand why in the 21st century there is so much distrust, war and famine around us. Why not just accept that we’re all the same even though we’re all different and unique. So what if my skin is paler than yours, my eyes blue when yours are green. I don’t care about any of that and no one else should either. We grow enough to feed everyone so why don’t we? We know enough to see that one God is enough no matter what name we give Him. We don’t even have to worship if we choose not to, that’s the power of us.

We make advances during wartime, but isn’t it time to come together for the benefit of all? Let’s see what we’re capable of doing without fighting and killing each other, try giving peace a chance and let’s see if we can’t make this planet safer, secure and disease free by working together to end poverty, hunger and save not just ourselves but the planet as well.

I’m wishing everyone a Happy, peaceful and prosperous year no matter what God you worship (or don’t) no matter your financial situation and no matter what your health is, if you’re ill I hope we can cure you soon.