#JusJoJan I’m dreaming

by davebarclay1954

200 Follows!

Never thought this day would ever come. Thank you to everyone who is following my humble blog. I only ever post thoughts which may be regretted a day later, but post and be damned right?

Thank you thank you thank you my dear friends, old and new, when I started this blog I was trying to come to terms with my illness and decided that I would blog regularly. That didn’t happen, then I decided to post something new every week. That also didn’t happen, when I failed in both of these attempts I decided that if 50 people followed me then I would continue. That came within the first year. My goal then was to repost anything which moved me, entertained me or struck a chord with me. I also feel compelled to speak out against anyone who threatens, bullies, or poses a threat to anyone.

I am not in favour of segregation, no matter what form it takes, I want to make this world better for everyone, man, woman, black, white, yellow, brown, green with purple spots, transgender, transsexual, straight, gay or bisexual. I started with me (the man in the mirror) and now I want to spread love and try for peace as there has been too much in the news about war and hatred to last for eternity.

This planet is dying and we are killing it, we need to work together to halt the destruction, end poverty and hunger (we can do this together but not alone) stop killing each other over petty land rights. Oil is not the answer to our energy needs we have to find another way, a cheaper way, to provide energy for our needs. Solar, nuclear, tidal these can provide part of the solution and science is working on long term resolution to provide cheap electricity. Science fiction is becoming science fact today but we don’t need more and more powerful weapons we need more and cheaper energy. Let’s work together and make this planet safe for us, our children and our children’s children. We can find ways to get along with our fellow man and resolve disputes without resorting to violence so let’s pledge that within the first half of this first century of the new millenium that we will at least look for a way to make this happen, for all our sakes.

I’m not advocating that we don’t bring criminals to justice (even the un-Islamic State should be forced to stand trial for crimes against humanity) but do we have to wage war with ourselves in order to achieve a settlement with our neighbours? No, we do not. We are united against this un-Islamic State, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Agnostics and Atheists because they are evil. We have to fight against evil in order to stop this evil from perpetrating ad infinitum. Every Empire that ever existed was won with bloodshed, let’s say now that enough is enough. Let’s create a world where everyone is willing to help where they can, anyway they can, to prevent suffering and wanton destruction.

Anyway, I thank each and every one of you, my 200 followers and I hope I can keep you entertained, informed and educated (sic) throughout the remaining time I have here on this planet.