Blogging For?

by davebarclay1954

Why do we take time to write our posts, read the posts of other bloggers and comment/reblog those we find amusing, inspirational, funny or thought provoking? I do it because it’s a good way to meet others without the trauma of a face to face meet.

Would I charge people to reblog them? No, I didn’t even know that was going on but why would I seek to do this for gain? To me this is therapy, and I do need therapy and help.

A little anecdote for you: a physiotherapist moved to a new town, hired a sign painter and left him to his work erecting a sign above the door to say “Physiotherapist” after a week with no-one coming through his door he decided to go down and see how many were passing his door. He noticed fairly quickly his door was getting a wide berth so he moved out to look and see why. The sign above the door was on 3 lines and read: Physio -the- rapist. When he contacted the painter he was told it wouldn’t all fit on one or two lines that’s why it had been split that way.

The power of advertising. We’re all broken and need help putting the pieces back together so that’s why I’m here. For assistance and help to heal. Any comments should include why you’re reading this and a link to your blog wouldn’t go wrong either.