To My Fellow Bloggers

by davebarclay1954

Real bloggers are those who post, please comment on the original and not here, free or paid for makes no difference: in the end we all blog for ourselves.

Creature's Art

This is a question to all of my blogger friends out there.

Let’s take, a well-known blogging site. You have various different options when you create your blog (or website as that seems to be a new feature) you then have the option of creating your websites name and receiving it free or paying for it to be upgraded to remove the .wordpress from it. You also have the option of various different plans, the first being free and every one after that offering you more at an additional cost.

My mother and I both blog, neither of us pay for any of the features on wordpress because neither of us are to the point where we can justify paying for those premium features we don’t really need.

However, today another blogger told my mother that she would never be a real blogger because she didn’t pay…

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