To know her is to love her

by davebarclay1954

I must have done something really bad for my friends to be avoiding me and now my broadband is coming and going so what the f**k have I done now?

If you have any ideas then please tell me as a lot of my friends have blocked me and I’m not sure why… It’s not like I was stalking anyone, I’d never do that and if someone tells me I’m invading their space then I’ll back off and won’t bother them till they get in touch with me. I feel down anyway at the minute as I’m in so much pain that I just want to end it all and if I had some rope I would terminate (if Mr. D. was too busy to interfere anyway). I must be a complete ass anyway so no-one would miss me anyway, my daughter certainly wouldn’t she hasn’t spoken to me since 1996 and to be honest I do know her reason even though it’s complete s**t, I’ve never met my grandsons and she doesn’t want me to be a part of her life anymore, this brings me down no matter how high I try to get…

I think if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all, someone told me that bad luck is never personal but it’s all I’ve had for the last 20 years so if it’s not personal why doesn’t it just take off and bug someone else and let me have some good luck for a change. But then again, what would I do with some good luck? I don’t think I could handle it if it wasn’t for a life changing Euromillions win when I had the only winning ticket for a jackpot of £100+million.

Enough of this drivel, I must go as there is someone I have to talk to and he usually carries a scythe around with him. See if my time is now yet.