Speak to me of summer

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from Yes, the most truly positive prog rock group ever. Copyright is not owned by me, so apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are but that is down to YouTube. Song is copyright of Yes/Atlantic/Rhino.

It’s really very hard to understand why so many people don’t believe in Global Warming when all the signs are there. There are high winds, storms, hail and snow everywhere these days and no country or state in the USA can now guarantee perfect weather every day. Why is it so hard to understand that if Global Warming was not real the weather would not have changed so drastically in recent years? The planet and Mother Nature are trying to correct the imbalance.

Is that so hard to believe? The planet has undergone quite amazing shifts over the course of its history, including wiping out dominant species (Dinosaurs) when things have changed quickly. What makes us think the planet isn’t trying to wipe us out because we are a threat to its survival?

Going back to yesterdays vote regarding Brexit, the Government has been defeated again and the PM put forward a motion to remove No Deal Brexit from the table and then voted against it. She wants to cripple this country by taking us out of the EU at any cost. Leaving the EU will cost this nation jobs, money and leave a lot of citizens relying on benefits with too few paying into the pot.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to leave with an agreement, even though it is increasingly obvious to Labour Party Members and Congress that this is not in anyone’s interests. He is therefore unfit to lead the party into a General Election but he refuses to stand down. He is as guilty of chasing power as the PM is guilty of refusing to back down. I want to see an end to Tory mismanagement and tax relief to the 1% which means the NHS and Welfare System are strapped for cash. If they paid what they can afford instead of paying nothing, then this country could handle a no deal Brexit. However, because there will be so few jobs left IF we leave without a deal the 1% are taking their wealth and moving to Continental Europe in their droves (hard when you consider how few of them there are) but it is happening.

I want to see a second referendum with 3 options and a realisation that anyone eligible to vote who doesn’t bother to vote will be counted as a vote to Remain inside the EU. That will end the debate about only 52% of those voting to leave gives a mandate to leave. It would only have been a mandate if at least 2/3rds of those voting committed us to Brexit. Less than that is not a mandate it is a recommendation.

The majority of those eligible to vote yet didn’t vote obviously felt both sides were flawed and they didn’t have correct information at the time to make a decision either way. Now that the truth of the Leave campaign is known we deserve a final say on whether we leave with no deal or withdraw A50 and remain inside the EU with our veto intact and the right to use our own currency as well as the Euro.

Apologies to those of you who want to take the European out of Britain, you’re misinformed and wrong. We are stronger within the EU than we could be in the modern world without their backing. We have the right to veto any ruling we think is not in the interests of the British people and we have our own currency. Leaving will weaken the pound so much that instead of 2 and a bit dollars our pound will be worth around 50cents, when I was growing up there were $4 to the pound, £1 would buy an awful lot but now it doesn’t even buy the basics.

Minimum wage is not enforceable if people accept £1 an hour because there are no jobs, zero hour contracts will not be wiped out if there are no jobs and people on zero hour contracts have no recourse to benefits since they have a job which will pay them for working but not pay them for not working. This country has gone from taking care of the poorest in our society from the cradle to the grave to becoming a third world country in my lifetime. Harry Smith saw the country change from one where the poor had no rights to one where they were taken care of. It’s now going completely the other way and returning to the days when the poor had no recourse to food, shelter, health care or any reasonable right to live.

The Tories have been selling off the most profitable assets the people owned a stake in, with the profits from the sale going to them and their cronies and the form of tax cuts. This means that the wealthy now pay less tax than they should be paying and practically no national insurance (it’s the latter that is supposed to pay for the benefits and health services in the UK). Labour will re-nationalise these things to bring the profits back into the coffers of the many rather than the few. This is no bad thing.

Why can’t we just have the best of both worlds? Because the wealthy want to increase their wealth, which they have done with the help of every Tory Government since 1979. The poor are becoming more and more frustrated so the Tory Governments give them someone to focus their anger on, if you are working you are told there are many who don’t want to work and they are draining limited resources. That means that the poor are picking on those on benefits, some of whom would rather be working, some are too ill to work but lose their benefits because they are too ill.

Easy to keep a divided poor under your control than a united poor working to get the rich to pay their fair share towards the welfare state. The rich are contributing to the Tory coffers to keep them in power so they never have to worry about the working classes demanding more pay for the profits their work is generating. As long as we have a Tory Government then the working class will be downtrodden and have their rights eroded.

We need a Labour Government, but one committed to the policies passed by the Labour Party which need a strong leader to accept these if they go against his principles. Jeremy Corbyn is not a strong enough leader to accept Policy decisions which go against his ideals. He was silent during the referendum in 2016 because he could not give voice to the arguments for Remain when he was going to vote for Brexit. We need, and deserve, a leader of the Labour Party who will back policy decisions even if these go against every thing he wants to see. Then, and only then, can we get someone in power who will see policy decisions through to the end.

I have never considered becoming a counsellor or ambassador until recently, however, when I looked into it there is no way I can commit to a 5 year time scale in order to become qualified. I have a lot to offer and would like to share my experiences with others so if anyone has any knowledge of how I can become a lay ambassador for those with issues to face them and find a way to overcome them, please let me know how.