Valentine’s Day

by davebarclay1954


Today is Valentine’s Day

A day of love celebrated around the world.

Valentine was a Roman who liked nothing better than killing and watching people die.

This song by David Bowie is beautiful (nothing less than I would expect from him really).

If we all get together and help those we can and leave the war behind with all the hatred and misogyny that is running down the streets in floods these days.

Can we try to find the best in others and show them the best in ourselves let others know we care. Let them take us as we are or leave us alone. If we leave ourselves open and vulnerable is the world going to stop turning and send us floating into space?

If Major Tom met Ziggy Stardust what would they find to discuss? Both having been inside the brain of the thin white duke and sent into space. Would they find mutual enjoyments or disappear inside their own spacesuits?