by davebarclay1954

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Nous Sommes Tout Paris.

Although the President of the United States won’t say it, we are at war with Radical Islam.  I’m sure that he has his reasons, whether they be ideological, religious or simply wrong-headed.

The fact remains that we are engaged in conflict and we must now face some hard choices.

This post is based on my opinion of events as I have observed them and I welcome your comment or differing opinion.

As witnessed by innumerable events, Paris being the latest, the enemy is implacable.  He places no value on human life, not even his own and he seems to be willing to destroy all human life on earth as long as one of his own is the last person standing, there to give praise to his theology.

We approach this battle from a Judeo-Christian worldview with rules of engagement, restrictions on what can and cannot be…

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