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An ending is only a new beginning

This is the last day this year
Ring out the old, ring in the new
An end of trials and fears
Ring out the false ring in the true

Tomorrow starts anew at sunrise
There’s no need to worry
There’ll be no surprise
If you wait you’ll be to late

A new start, a time to put failure to bed
Ring out the old ring in the new
Won’t you listen to what the man said
Ring out the false ring in the true

The year ends as it begins
It doesn’t care if you lose or win
It’s all the same anyway in the end
So come on we’re going up around the bend


Here I sit surrounded by blue
The colour of sadness that’s so true
It’s also the colour to relax and chill out
So keep it a whisper and please don’t shout

The sky is blue,
The ocean is too
Lets see how far we can swim
Without getting lost out at sea

They call it the blues
When your down and alone
Then if you tell them to mind their own
They get all ratty and show you the door


Here I am falling asleep
Sinking off into the deep
Oblivion of the day that’s gone
Preparing for the one to come

If this is what my life has become
No joy, no hope, no fun
Is it any wonder I should be
In the park under this tree

People think I’m bored
Forever trying to make sense out of none
If I could tell them what I’m up to
They’d never believe me


Today is my birthday
I’ve turned another year older
Seems they move so fast today
Don’t think it was 12 months ago

I seem to have 2 birthdays each year
In my mind I’m still eighteen
I find old age arriving I fear
But when I look back I can’t be seen

I’m invisible, the one in ten
Number on a list that grows and grows
Nobody knows me, I don’t know myself
Look at my head can you see the scars

I’ve had more spills
More thrills
Than anyone except Evel and Eddie
But now it’s time to dance with Mr. D.


Seems like a long time ago
When life was easy and things would flow
Now it seems as though life has passed
What could I do to make it last?

If life’s for living why doesn’t it end
When the quality has gone without hope to mend
If I should go before I wake up
Can I ask you all to raise a cup

Toast not my passing as that was fast
But celebrate life while it does last
So soon it’s gone and to earth we go
Ashes and dust through time so slow

The worms may eat the bones and eyes
But please don’t ever sigh
The dead are gone till the end of days
No matter what the preacher says

The new deal

What’s going on here today
When no-one makes any sense
Or is it just my addled brain
Which seems to have caught the train

It never seemed that bad to me
When, as a child, I wandered free
These days, so it seems, no-one’s safe
With evil lurking behind every door

Shooting in schools or in our parks
Bombs at the finish line of a race
Drive bys every other day
Was it meant to be this way?

If I could do one thing for all
It would be to destroy all weapons
Hatred wouldn’t be allowed
If you like me have had enough
Cry we won’t take it anymore
And shout it so very loud

Next day

Went to bed tired this morning
Woke up feeling the same
Can’t be bothered getting out of bed
There’s a pain rolling in my head

Feels like someone is playing my brain
Think I’m going insane
Why do I get these feelings often
Killing me slowly when?

What’s uh…

Well you look at me and open your mouth
Then close it again, saying nothing
I’m staring at you now from across the table
Wondering if this is the right time to sing

Before I can stop them the words come out
I’m singing Syd Barret’s song Bike
Then I see Emily play so I shout
Come with me my friend on a little hike

We’re off to solsbury hill on a trek
We’ll be gone for about a month
When we return older and stronger
We’ll be closer in turn to death

Don’t fear the reaper, he comes when it’s time
Rolling and tumbling as he rides his white steed
Before taking you before the judge
I’ve seen him often in my dreams and shook his hand


This is a day late, unfortunately my muse left me yesterday.

Is there any point you want to make?
Why not try to give instead of just take
An unforeseen act of kindness
Can make someone’s day as well as yours

Why is there so much hate in this world
Against colour religion and sex
I bear none ill and ask none bear me any
Yet so much of life is hatred by the many

If people want to come here to live
Is it too much to ask them to give
Respect to the culture and language
They have chosen to join?

What does it take

How do you feel putting me down
Does it feel good seeing me frown
If you’ve nothing nice to say
Why do you say anything at all

I know I’m so laid back
I’m horizontal most of the time
But even if it doesn’t show
The put downs hurt you know

I was taught if you have nothing
Good better to keep your mouth shut
So why don’t you follow that through
And just say something nice or shut up