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Dear Boss, I don’t want a “Hike”

Dear Boss… Amazing tale from an astounding talented and funny lady. Don’t forget to leave comments on the original post and follow if you also enjoyed it, we both thank you


Hi Everyone,

This is for everyone who has a boss, who has an appraisal system and awaits a hike and gets it too but only to leave more astonishment behind.

Dear Boss,

I am writing to let you know how much I respect you.  You are the reason behind my fitness.  You may be amused to know and want to know how.  Simple, because you make sure my chase for my dreams never ends which means more you run more you loose and stay fit!  And I am loosing a lot!  You are the reason behind my peaceful life.  You might be wondering how.  Because by the time I reach home television starts showcasing tele-shopping products and at that hour there would be no one around to talk. Less talks, lesser arguments, least number of fights.  Family life is “piece”ful.  Thank you again.  You are the reason behind my popularity on…

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Why It’s Hard To Recognize Unhappiness

Never easy to know whether you are down because of SAD, time of year, lack of good things or lack of sex. If you enjoy the post please let the blogger know and follow her. Her site is amazing 🙂

Hookup Culture

You’d think recognizing your own emotions would be easy, but it’s not for many reasons. We often put other people’s emotions before our own, we get blinded by more dominant emotions, or we’ve just learned to ignore them.

It’s hard to recognize unhappiness because we’re trying so hard to be happy. To admit unhappiness is admitting that you failed at being happy. That your relationship is dead. That your job is a dud. That your life isn’t going the way you planned.

Because of this, many people live unhappy lives and they don’t know it. In this case, ignorance is bliss. But if you ever wriggle out of that unhappy situation, you’ll realize how much time you’ve wasted not being truly happy.

It’s hard to recognize unhappiness unless you are truly in tune with your self. If you actually take time to analyze your emotions and take time for self…

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From the bottom of my heart to the top of my head

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is following my humble blog. It can’t be easy since I don’t post many pictures on here so a huge shout out to every one everywhere for taking the time to read, like and comment on my posts.

I appreciate the time I spend reading other blogs and seeing what people are up to. Thank you to everyone who shares pictures to show what they have been doing and to all of you for brightening up my days, my life and know that I really do appreciate you all, each and every one.

I just wish there were more hours in the day to get things done without the need to sleep, but everyone has to cope with life in their own way. No-one deserves a huge shout out more than you do, dear reader, for putting up with my irregular posts. I appreciate every comment, every drop of love sent my way from all of you. I hope you are all well and ready for the coming holidays, no matter what religion you follow there are times when you need the help of those around you. I’m grateful to the people I’ve found on here who never troll, if you think I’m being vindictive to you ever, please tell me because it won’t have been meant but there are times when my mouth runs away from me and I say things I shouldn’t.

Everyone I’ve met is unique, adorable and clever. You are all deserving of peace and love in this life and the next, you are the best readers ever. I love you all and I feel truly blessed to know so many wonderful people from all over the planet. People, like me, who have mental issues and daily moans are often the most amazing people because they will never tell you truthfully how they feel and will cover their pain up with smiles and jokes. This makes you feel better and has the power to heal whatever ails you mentally.

Time — Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

via Time — Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

Troubling thoughts running through my brain (Part 2)

A little later than promised as people were still posting replies and reposting the original post last weekend so I left it another week.

I started off using option 2, and received quite a few compliments from my customers because I managed to sort out their issues on the one call. My manager was told to have words with me as I wasn’t getting my apologies in early enough and my calls were taking too long to deal with so I was told to cut down on the time given to customers and if I couldn’t resolve their issues quickly (within 4 minutes) I was to pass them off to second line who would call them back within 48 WORKING hours. As our opening hours were from 07:00 to 22:00 every day this meant that the call back could take 3 days and would often be at a time when the customer wasn’t available to answer the call or to run through the checks.

As you can imagine, when I offered my customers the choice of having me stick to the rules and pass them off for a call back or take that little bit longer but try and resolve their issues for them on the one call they would opt for that one call, or else ask me to call them back the following day at a time they would ensure they were available.

Option 1, after speaking to my friendly union rep, was the one I decided to adopt as it didn’t sound as though as I was reading from a script but still got the apology in early enough to please my boss.

Option 3 (the way an Asian colleague used it (he wasn’t any good at customer service but couldn’t get a job anywhere else) he was also guilty of using the race card several times when threatened with dismissal (for being rubbish at his job). He made it sound as though he didn’t want to talk to customers (he really didn’t) and would often ignore an incoming call from a customer to take a personal call on his mobile.

The company were guilty of discriminating against Natives in favour of foreign people since he would have been sacked the first time he was caught avoiding a call if he had been British (or even European) but it took about 5 attempts to get rid of him as he kept threatening to go to tribunal for unfair dismissal but after the second time the company kept full records of every call he refused and the reason for it. He also slipped up one day as he removed his headset to answer his mobile and when a call came through it was answered automatically and he was recorded having a conversation on his mobile and using foul language on that call. There was no second chance given on that occasion and he was dismissed straight away.

Troubling thoughts roaring through my brain

I just saw my old job advertised and was thinking of applying for it again but really don’t want to go back and work for a company that didn’t appreciate my being different.

I used to keep getting into trouble for not apologising quickly enough to customers who called in with problems either with their broadband or with their mobile phones so I thought I would give you three scenes to think about and see which one gets your vote before I tell you which option I used to get told off for doing.

  1. Customer calls in and phone is answered by saying “Good (morning/afternoon/evening), my name is Dave. I’m sorry you’re having problems but I’m here to help you sort them out”
  2. Customer calls in and phone is answered professionally “Hello, you’re speaking to Dave how can I help you?” Then after finding out what the problem is the apology is given by referencing the issue.
  3. Customer calls in and phone is answered thus: “Hi I’m Dave, I’m here to help sort your problems out so I’m sorry that you’re having some issues right now. How can I help?”

I’ve used my name in all the scenes but there are only two I ever used, one of them I was told off for doing all the time and when I asked what I should be doing instead I was told to change to the other one. There were a few of my colleagues who did the third one but I would never dream of handling calls that way. Please leave your comments on all 3 and when I have enough answers I will tell you which I used and was told off for doing and which one I then went on to use. If enough ask I may even tell you which company I worked for.

It kind of hit me today…

My world came crashing down around me 31 years ago last July when my mum died. 16 years ago I met my current wife’s mother who was every bit as endearing as my mum had been. She’d been fighting cancer for years when I first met her and also had type 2 diabetes. She never complained and I used to call round and sit with her for hours on my days off work. Lovely woman who had some fantastic memories of her time as a young girl living through WWII, and her time in the army after hostilities ended.

3 years ago today she died after her cancer had returned and spread through her bones into her entire body. Having lost my own mum I was able to offer support and comfort to my wife at this time and through the years since. It was hard for me as well, having lost my mum and then finding another who was just as kind only to lose her so soon after. Still my life has been so blessed having both of these women in it.

This is offered as hope to all those who have recently lost a parent, or have a terminally ill parent. Don’t beat yourself up because death is a part of life. If you are still around to grieve that is how it’s supposed to be. No parent should outlive their children, but it happens especially during war. Look back on all the times you spent together, whether long or short, and remember with love.

If you can remember more good times than bad then that helps the healing process, but in time the bad times fade and don’t feel as bad as they did. As long as you have good times to look back on you can remember fondly, smile and relive those good times to keep your parent alive in your mind.

Life goes on and memories fade but remember with love and enjoy again all the good times you had.


Sitting on the bus someone restored my faith that all is not yet lost

I was sitting on the bus heading home tonight when an elderly lady got on the bus, she struggled to walk so I didn’t get up to offer my seat as I didn’t think she’d be able to climb onto it.

She walked past me and past the two men talking by the door, clutched the post and was clinging on for dear life when a young lady in her school uniform stood up and tapped her on the shoulder. When she looked round the young lady said to her “Would you like my seat?” The elderly one said “Yes please” and they swapped places.

This used to happen frequently when I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s but everything changed in the 80’s with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher introducing the FU mentality to the Western World.

Why did this take me by surprise? After all I’ve seen it happen before and have given up my seat recently for a person less able than me to stand. It’s just the age of the young lady took me by surprise as she could only have been around 14 or maybe 16. Things recently (Brexit and US Presidential election) have been so full of hatred anyone would think the world is returning to the dark ages of the late 17th century. Then something as innocuous as giving up a seat for someone less able to stand brightens the darkness and restores the faith in our humanity that had been lost.

Another weekend – This time a long one

Work finished for me at 15:45 GMT on Thursday and doesn’t start again until 07:45 on Tuesday. I thought I’d share some of my favourite cartoons and give you something to contemplate while you wait for the weekend.

Love and peace everyone and whatever you’re doing this weekend don’t panic over things you can’t control.

Oh well, Trump is President Elect but how can you trust a man whose election rhetoric was full of hatred, violence, misogyny and racism? (Point worth remembering about Melania (the First Lady-elect) she used to take her clothes off for a living so most of the men on the planet have seen her naked).