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There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done

Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung…

Well half way through the 6th month of the year, it also happens to be Gay Pride Month and I think that with all that’s going on in the world just now we should be celebrating our humanity alongside our friends. Love is love, it knows no colour, no prejudice, no sex, and certainly unites us all. Love is all you need and there is a definite shortage of it around just now so let’s join together with our LGBTQ comrades, wear something rainbow coloured and stand shoulder to shoulder with hands held and humanity on show for the world to see.

If we can share some love with our neighbours and friends then can’t we find it in our hearts to share some love with all of humanity? This planet is capable of supporting life, but it is struggling to do so. Let’s not waste our energy on hate and fear, find something to love and let love rule. Come together right now, over me.

I started a joke that had the whole world laughing

In all seriousness, dear reader, I have noticed that I have attracted more readers to this humble blog. I have noticed that several of them are black and I would like to express my eternal gratitude that they have been blessed with the same non-racial expressions as myself. I don’t consider myself white (I may be white skinned but I am not white). I am a human being and as such feel that I can condemn the actions of the few as long as I only offend those people and not the rest of society then I have achieved everything I’ve set out to do.

There are people being stabbed, shot, killed all over the planet and yet some of our leaders still insist this is not world war 3 (Drumpf for one). Wake up people, while the first two world wars started in Europe before spreading outwards, this one started in the USA on September 11, 2001. Since then we have been trying to ride the wind and fight an enemy who chooses to stay hidden in plain sight. They refuse to wear a uniform and fight openly, because they are cowards.

They claim to follow Islam but the Qoran preaches peace and love, The Bible also preaches peace and love yet Christians have fought religious wars for centuries. The time to stop the spread of hatred is now. Fear breeds violence and hatred so isn’t it about time we stood up for peace, love and tolerance? If there is a God somewhere He knows what is happening and if we don’t stop it soon will he destroy this planet to stop us doing that ourselves?

If there is a God then why doesn’t he talk to anyone today? If you believe the stories in the Bible and Scriptures, he used to talk to people 2000 years ago. Or is that all just one huge lie? Does God really only exist in the minds of His followers? I really don’t have any more answers than those men who preach to dwindling congregations, if you do then where did you get your information? If God gave us free will then we have the right to stop violence, we have a duty to protect this planet from those who will destroy it. We have to protect our children and leave them something to sustain them when we have gone.

To paraphrase a truly great man of peace who was killed on the steps of his home building on 8 December 1980, Imagine there’s no country, nothing to kill or die for and no religion too. If we are tolerant of others it makes us stronger, not weaker. If we love our neighbours and would die to protect our community that makes us stronger not weaker. There is strength in numbers but that isn’t the strength I am talking about. I am talking about the strength from our humanity, if we learn all we can about our neighbours and teach them about us, wouldn’t that be better than shouting at them or fighting them?

What do you think would stop the violence? Stop the spread of evil across this entire planet? I, personally, believe that our best defence is our humanity, our love for one another and respect for each other that will help us all to sleep at night (although sleep is over rated somewhat).

Hello Mrs Jones, how’s your Bert’s lumbago?

With all the cowardly attacks going on at the moment, I heard about a post on Facebook from an ex-military person. He (or it may have been she) offered the services of those who have served to protect our cities. While I wouldn’t condone the action suggested (they wanted guns and ammunition for these older people) it struck me that others feel as I do.

I am ex-Navy and would willingly give my life to save others, however, my eyes are shot so I wouldn’t feel safe with a gun. A vest and nightstick (baton) would be enough to protect me from a knife and standing up to these cowards may well be enough to allow others to escape the attack. I am willing to die protecting others, with that in mind, I’m not alone and others would also be willing, apparently.

Whoever wins today should bear that in mind when they think about the state of the world and how best to protect ourselves from attack. More police marksmen, more armed police and an increased presence from the army and marines is good, there are some amongst us who will jump in as well to help out because these cowards will not steal our freedom. They will not win because they cannot win, terror has never worked in Europe and will never work, to subjugate our people.

These cowards may call themselves Muslims, but they’re not. They call themselves terrorists, but they don’t scare us. They shall never prevail as long as we stand united as one to prevent this World War escalating to Nuclear Holocaust.

Here we all are sittin’ in a rainbow

Once again the cowards have struck in London, breaking news cowards: We are well aware you ARE NOT following the teachings of any religion on this planet. The most well respected Muslim of our generation refused to go to Vietnam on religious grounds because killing was against the religion of Islam. He fought for his beliefs every day and suffered injustice in his home country of America, yet he refused to go and fight for the country he loved because that was against his religion. He suffered segregation, violations of his human rights (just the same as you are attempting to do now – denying us the basic human right of freedom of movement and speech). We will not give in to you, or any other coward – after all we fought two world wars which started in Europe against stronger enemies than you – and won.

If you think these cowardly attacks will turn us against good Muslims you are very much mistaken. We know better than to allow you to turn us against honest god (whatever name you give Him) fearing people who want to live in peace amongst us and will never turn to violence towards the rest of their community. We are a tolerant people but don’t mistake that for cowardice, you are the only cowards here today. Killing innocent people while they enjoy themselves will only strengthen our will to fight. You claim to be soldiers fighting a just war against the infidel so make yourselves known by wearing a uniform and fighting against our armies.

I know, as do all the people you target throughout the world, you won’t do this as it will remove the element of surprise from your attacks. The element of surprise is what makes you cowards. Hiding in cars and vans to begin your attacks of hatred then cutting people down after you have hit them with the cars or vans to slow them down. Show yourselves for the cowards you are and hide in plain sight, keep doing what you have started and we will become more vigilant and our armies will hunt you down and then you will have a choice to fight against those trained to kill or surrender. If you surrender then you will be sentenced for your crimes and if you are killed don’t expect a Heaven full of virgins for your pleasure because if you believe any religious teachings you will not be going to Heaven but you will end up in Hell suffering for your crimes against humanity. You better hope that neither Hell or Heaven exist and when we die that’s it story over. But, somehow I don’t believe that is the end. I may not be a Christian or a Muslim but I was brought up a Catholic and didn’t like the fighting caused by religion which is why I no longer follow any set religion but try to live my life full of love for everyone, regardless of which religion they follow or how evil they may actually be.

It was 20 years ago today

Good morning good morning good morning aah.

Nothing to do…

Yes, last Friday saw the latest remaster of THE classic 1967 album which brought psychedelia into the mainstream consciousness, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The thing I can’t wrap my head around is two fold: 1. How much money do The Beatles want to make from us fans? I take it they don’t still get paid peanuts from every album that’s sold. 2. How much do EMI/Parlophone/Apple Corp want to rip from us?

In 1967 I bought this album in mono (actually it was bought for me but let’s not split hairs). In 1970, before the split I bought the album again, this time in stereo and paid for it myself. I also bought the white album at the same time in 1970 in stereo having already bought it in 1968. Then in 1974 when I bought a new stereo with a twin tape deck I bought both these albums and Revolver on cassette, so that was 2 copies of Revolver (vinyl and cassette) and 3 copies each of Sgt Pepper and The Beatles (vinyl stereo and mono editions and then cassette editions).

In 1985 I bought a cd player to add to my stereo and then replaced every Beatles album with the cd edition when it was released in the 1980’s. In 2005 I bought Sgt Pepper on cd as it was remastered, but it didn’t sound any different to the original cd I bought in 1987. I then bought it again when it was remastered in 2013, again no bonus tracks. I wanted to buy it last week in the 6 disc box set but that has proved impossible owing to the fact I don’t have a job at the moment and nothing in the pipeline.

The price of the 6 disc is also way over the top at ÂŁ109.99 plus p&p, given that I have already spent almost that amount on this album over the years surely I could be given a discount (I won’t hold my breath). The only reason I am prepared to buy this album again (only on the 6 disc version mind) is because of all the outtakes included and the blu-ray disc of the making of and the Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields promo films made in 1967, which have been restored. I know the box set has the DVD as well but why should I pay for a version I would only watch on my laptop occassionally because the blu-ray player is much better to watch on the bigger (50inch) screen.

If Paul or Ritchie see this and can make me an offer I can’t refuse (preferably a job but I won’t be disappointed if they don’t as I’d have rather worked for John or George) I would be very grateful. Maybe I should tweet the link to this post to them both 🙂 and see what happens. That’s my “rant” over for this week, thank you for reading and I will be publishing a new chapter for 1968 soon.

Sitting on a cornflake

Waiting for the van to come…

Last night there was a horrible attack on the youth of this warm and pleasant country which has prompted the usual outpouring against an entire religion but I hope no-one listens to this rhetoric. Islam (the religion not the atheist bastards claiming it for their terrorist activities) is a religion of peace. The cowardly “soldiers” who purport to be followers as a reason for terrorist acts, are just that – COWARDS.

If they truly were soldiers they would wear uniforms and we’d all know exactly who they are but they don’t they hide among us, plotting bombs and guns to cause as many civilian casualties as they possibly can in order to stir up the kind of hatred which will give them more followers. That’s why we cannot allow this to happen, they are a minority and they do not follow any recognised peaceful religion, ask any Muslim if they support acts of terror and, if they say no and tell the truth then they are the ones who will lose should the terrorists win.

Our thoughts, prayers and sympathy goes to those youngsters wounded in last nights attack, the dead are beyond our help but hopefully they have been welcomed into the spiritual world as the martyrs they are. Terrorists must be hoping there isn’t a hell because if there is then the virgins they were promised will all be devils and they will truly understand what absolute terror is. Apparently the culprit behind the bombing died when taking his own life and those innocents around him, if these cowards want to die why not do it in private? They are not martyrs they are criminals and if found deserve no sympathy for anything that happens to them in jail before trial and after they are found guilty may they continue to suffer in the knowledge that they are nothing but cowards and criminals.

Lucky I’m sane after all I’ve been through

Just another update, dear reader, to let you know that the next instalment of my memoir (1968) is taking a while to come together and gell so it will be readable and not jump around. My brain is like a frog, it leaps around and the words come out before I can stop them. In the past this didn’t matter overly as my friends were all the same and we would spend hours talking about nothing in particular.

We would talk about what we would do to change attitudes and accept that everyone is different, getting others to accept that as well. I was in a few “High School Bands” where we would sit around and jam, a few had guitars and I would grab whatever was in the kitchen to bang on (there were never enough drummers to go around). During these sessions we would pass around a few joints, drink a few beers (someone’s home brew) and talk between songs. When you’re all stoned you don’t realise you’re talking garbage since everyone else is also talking complete rubbish.

Occasionally we would be sitting in the park (later on as we didn’t want to get busted for smoking dope) talking and listening to the guitars when a few others (generally intrigued by what was happening with us) would linger on the periphery until invited to join us and join the conversations. At this juncture some would disappear although a few did take us up on the offer and sit with us on the grass. These groups were never all-male affairs, we attracted more than our share of girls to join us. I don’t know if they were attracted because of the music or because they had also partaken of the herb, but join us they did.

No-one who sat around with us in those days would be allowed to remain quiet as we encouraged everyone to join in the discussions, giving us their point of view. We talked about Vietnam, segregation, Muhamad Ali and religion. General items like the state of the Nation, what the police were doing to fight crime and was it successful, why some people were attracted to violence with fights being a regular occurrence at that time (Ireland was gripped by the Troubles, there were youths regularly meeting in Brighton, Glasgow and other places to fight others who thought and looked different to them).

What made a person attractive to the opposite sex, and why were some people more sought after than others? Some men (and women) were seen as very attractive (not just movie stars and rock stars either) to the opposite sex, and could have their pick of the opposite sex. In 1968, because of the recent change in the law making homosexuality a non-crime, we also discussed why some men were attracted to other men. We didn’t judge as we accepted everyone was different and no-one had a right to tell others how to live. (In the words of Jimi Hendrix in “If Six Was Nine” I’m the one who’ll die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to!)

Radical thinking for teenagers in 1968 Scotland, don’t you think? Anyway, I’m getting told it’s time to get something done about finding a job so I’ll finish this now and write another tale or two as a trailer to 1968 in the coming days. Music courtesy of with the clip coming from Easy Rider.

Beautiful Quote From Humanity Lives On

Where are we taking this world to? Judging people and having an opinion about each other has become a natural instinct while kindness and respect have become a choice to offer. The post Daily Quote #70 appeared first on Humanity Lives On.

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Quote for today 16 May 2017

Author Barbara Sher wrote, “As soon as you begin to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning.”

I say Hello, you say Goodbye

Sorry for my absence over the last couple of weeks dear reader, I don’t have any excuse but I have been busy behind the scenes reviewing my last Chapter and have decided to re-write it as part of the next Chapter (1968). That way what is there remains and the rest will be appended to 1968 to explain the downturn in my relationship with my dad and how he affected my relationship with my mum.

Okay, so what has everyone been doing while I’ve been looking for jobs, attending interviews, registering with Agencies and being turned down for more jobs than I have ever had rejections before in my life. Ah, the internet and email, it makes it so easy to reject someone without having to pay postage or return their resume (CV for those of us in Blighty).

Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking recently that if things worked out differently between the old man and I when I was in my teens then I may still have been living in Scotland, I moved away because my mum died and I had no reason to stay. I may well have remained with my 2nd wife since she was an old fashioned woman who felt that the man should be looked after and even though I helped out with the housework I was made to feel that it was not my place to do anything. We drifted apart because I moved down to England’s South East 16 months before I found somewhere we could both live and she moved down to join me, however, by the time she joined me I had been living it up as a single person and saw no reason to change when she came down. Of course that doesn’t work out very well when the person being cheated on finds out from her friends that she is being cheated on. I left rather than trying to work things out and, as with any divorce, once the lawyers come in then things get really messy and you don’t remain friends.

I can’t really complain too much about the way things turned out, apart from losing my daughter. That was all my fault although I don’t know why we haven’t patched things up yet. I hurt her in the past and we still managed to sit down and talk things through, but this time she doesn’t want to meet to try and patch things up between us and I can only blame myself. My son seems to be taking a leaf out of her book as well as he never gets in touch and never comes over to see me.

I must have done something really wicked to lose my family this way. This post isn’t about that, or it’s not supposed to be. I just wanted to update you, dear reader, on what I’ve been doing while I’ve been away. Still I’ve done that now so I’ll go back to my music and catch you again soon.