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Take a look at the world

Change of pace for a bank holiday Monday in a still divided UK. Copyright is owned by Jimmy Cliff and Island Records. Video is Jimmy Cliff’s original version as John Holt’s version wasn’t available in the UK.

I’ve been spending a few days in Scotland visiting Stirling (the old capital of Scotland after Dunfermline, before it moved to Edinburgh). That’s why I haven’t posted in a while. The scenery in Scotland is breathtaking and there is no open hostility to POC or visitors to that beautiful country. So much so it got me thinking about being home here in England again. Following the 2016 referendum when the people of England and Wales voted (with a very narrow majority) to leave the EU tensions started soaring. Europeans who have lived and worked here for decades were being told to “Go home, we don’t want you here any more” receiving death threats from the idiots who had no idea how much the economy was going to be crippled by their chosen option to leave.

We started hearing all around England and Wales that Brexit means Brexit, but no one could say what Brexit actually meant. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted by 60% to 40% to Remain in the EU so any Brexit deal should not affect either country. Nicola Sturgeon has now seen a marked switch within Scotland for Independence and a chance to rejoin the EU, accepting the Euro as their currency if the Bank of England refuses to accept the Scottish Pound as a legitimate currency. The last Independence referendum in Scotland was narrowly won by those wanting to Remain because they believed the lies spread by Cameron and the Tories. They now see those lies for what they were.

The Leave campaign broke the rules governing fair referendum policy, lied, cheated and bought the result in England and Wales (due in no small part for Remain voters not bothering to go out since they thought they would win anyway). Ask any Remainer who no longer accepts the decision as being a mandate to leave why they are fighting and they will cite the illegality of the Brexit campaign. Ask any Brexiteer why they are against a second vote to decide between no deal Brexit and Remain and they will point to 2016 and say that the country voted to leave then.

Farage is disappointed that May failed to deliver Brexit by the end of March as he had a new job lined up in America to start in April. Why does he want to leave these shores after his dream of a broken nation is realised? Because he knows that after Brexit there will be no country around called United Kingdom, even Great Britain will cease to exist since that is England, Scotland and Wales. With the removal of both Scotland and Northern Ireland how will England fare without Europe? Businesses will close, the economy will continue to crash. Companies who were operating in England to get a foothold into Europe have already started leaving, the banking industry had their European head offices in London but they have been moving to Berlin and Paris since 2016.

Unemployment is already starting to hit in the North and West of the country. Scotland is still seeing business booming because people realise that an Independent Scotland will be welcomed back into Europe (especially with the Euro as their currency) so it is going to continue to be business as normal. England may gain control of their borders but when no one wants to live there that will be a hollow victory.

The Brexit party are on record as saying the economy will fail quickly after Brexit and jobs will be lost in their millions but everything will recover “In a short space of time. Around 30-50 years.” Bearing in mind the planet will die if we don’t do something in the next 5-10 years to save it that means they will cripple this country and lose stature on the International stage.

United we stand divided we fall, there is no middle ground. Brexiteers wanted a second referendum if Remain won by less than 5%, yet when they won by only 3.8% they went suddenly very quiet and started claiming a great victory. Of course the idiots who follow them and believe that everything that is bad in England and Wales comes from Immigration and Muslims have not grasped the fact that they are scape goats and the real criminals are the wealthy, the foreign government buying their loyalty and they are the ones who are selling up in England and buying property in Europe and the USA.

They will not be leaving their wealth behind either as it is not held in UK banks, they have the vast majority of their wealth offshore in tax free havens. Farage, tRump, Putin are all colluding to bring the West down and cause the rise of the Russian Empire. If you don’t think Putin is trying to reunite the former states of the USSR then take a look at Ukraine and her borders. They are shrinking while Russia is increasing the size of her borders. Crimea was stage one and Putin will not stop there, he wants the entire Ukraine and Georgia back under Russian control.

It’s time to wake up here in the West, stop kidding ourselves that Russia is a loud mouth with no teeth, they have very sharp teeth, and they are preparing to use them. Farage, tRump and a lot of others are being investigated for money laundering for the Russians, using DeutscheBank and other banks around Europe. If you follow the money then it becomes obvious that the figures don’t add up. Of course they will fudge, shout and scream about witch hunts and blame their opponents but look at them, Farage living free in a palace owned by a Russian oligarch, tRump having private conversations with Putin and refusing to state what was discussed.

The time is ripe for Americans to impeach tRump publicly on television, Farage to be charged with money-laundering and accepting money from criminals. These should all be held in camera, on television, so that people can learn the truth behind the criminal organisations operating openly in Russia and behind the scenes in America and Britain.


There’s meltdown in the sky

Another meandering post to follow soon, dear reader, music to accompany this post is from Aerosmith, America’s answer to the Rolling Stones. I don’t own the copyright to this song, video is provided by YouTube and, as always, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

In a recent poll in America, 56% of Americans don’t want their children learning Maths using Arabic Numerals, the other 44% knew that that is what is being taught currently. How stupid is a nation when they don’t understand the methods used in schools to educate their children?

It seems to me that the planet is being driven by lunatics who have taken over the asylum, just like the idiots we have controlling our lives these days, the majority of people think they know it all when in reality they know nothing. I don’t know everything about everything and readily admit to not knowing when it is dangerous to pretend to have answers.

The planet is dying and all we can do is sit and watch while our leaders pour gasoline on the flames (for those who don’t use gasoline it’s petrol). If we aren’t part of the solution then we are the problem, as long as criminals and crooks are in charge of the most powerful nations on the planet (yes I’m talking about China, Russia and the USA) who want to profit from the planet’s destruction then we are all part of the problem.

The issues we are facing today are not national issues, they are not domestic problems, they are not who has the right to govern us, they are Global issues, who has the right to destroy our environment to create more extreme weather systems by Mother Nature? Should we continue to destroy our natural habitat, creating more extreme phenomena as the planet seeks to reverse the damage we are causing? If we continue down the road we are following now then we will be extinct by the end of this millenium, along with a lot of other creatures walking this earth.

I know, I have said this before, I started saying this to anyone who would listen to me in the late 1960’s when I realised that war and destruction of plants creates chaos in the areas where the planet needs stability. I used to fight my fellow students while at high school (secondary it was that I went to but that distinction is irrelevant today). However, I learned by the age of 14 that we have to stop fighting for irrelevant causes when there is so much more at stake. I wanted to serve my country so joined the Royal Navy in 1971, I thought I could be sent to South East Asia (Vietnam) in a support role so that I could educate American Marines in the futility of fighting a communist regime with no regard for normal rules of engagement. Only to be told that we had no role in the war in that area. Once I realised that I was left no choice but to use my last “buy out” option to leave after serving 12 months.

If we don’t wake up soon to the mess we have made of this planet then it will be past the point of no return, we haven’t arrived there yet but it is getting very close. With the Russians seeking to undermine the unity of the West and getting involved in politics and elections in the USA and the UK to buy the underdog power and division they are achieving their goal of becoming the most successful regime in the history of the world. We have to realise that we need to stop the division, regain our democracy and look to become a global society.

Instead of criticising other countries for not being democratic enough, we should look at ourselves and ask how far we can go down the road of autocracy before we wake up and reverse the bad decisions paid for by the Russian President? His agenda is to weaken us by driving wedges between nations, divide and conquer, because that has always worked in the past. We have to unite again and should be forming bigger alliances not tearing apart what we have already built.

In the USA, almost daily, there are shootings in schools, on streets, children being killed in the cross fire and dangerous levels of weapons finding their way into the hands of other children. The current administration will not legislate against the production and marketing of these guns because the vast majority of their funding comes from the NRA and the manufacturers of these weapons of destruction. Money they, in turn, are receiving from the Russians, in order to buy the President and spokesperson of the “Free” World.

We cannot continue down this path without consequences, the end result will affect future generations who are already worried that the planet we are going to leave them will be so polluted that they are going to struggle to leave anything meaningful to their children and the generations to follow them. That is why so many of our children today are going on strike on a Friday to try and force the adults around them to do something today so that they actually inherit something meaningful from us. We cannot continue to allow them to disrupt their education so they can learn how to best protect themselves from us and our legacy.

I have said this before and I will continue to say it, free speech is a right I will defend with my life if I have to, everyone should be free to say whatever they want, without fear of prosecution or violence. However, if you say something I don’t agree with I have the right to tell you, to your face if possible, that I disagree and give my reasons. I have the same right to live my life without fear that you do. Just because I am a woman, black, a lesbian, a strong willed person, does not give you the right to silence me.

More and more states in the USA are making abortion illegal, seeking to force women to go through with pregnancies even after rape, incest or any other form of non-consensual sex. There is now a 12 year old girl in Ohio who is pregnant following a rape by her relative, she is unable to have an abortion in her home state but who will ultimately have the responsibility to raise her and her child? She is too young to realise the expense of raising a child, she is too young to understand the changes going through her body. Yet MEN have decided that if she gets an abortion she is liable to be prosecuted and serve 99 years in prison or the death sentence for her crime. All the while the MAN who raped her and destroyed her innocence got a 2 year suspended sentence. Where is the justice in Ohio?

This would never have been considered under any other POTUS, not even Nixon. We all know how big a crook he was but the current POTUS is dangerous because he has been running an organised crime family for decades and is now seeking to legitimise it (and himself) by passing laws that he is above the law, getting his cronies in positions of power to ensure he never faces any criminal charges after he has declared the 2020 election null and void and himself president for life. Don’t kid yourself America, he has already stated he will do as much, don’t believe him when he tells you he is joking – he isn’t.

He has lied, cheated and been bought the Presidency, using his position to generate more wealth for his companies (family owned) in the process. He is a pathological liar and will use his current position to get his own way as far as possible. I have said it before and it is worth saying again, he is backing up law breakers with the promise of a presidential pardon if they are caught and prosecuted. He is supportive of White Supremacists, bringing them out of the shadows into the light because he will pardon them if they are prosecuted for hate crimes.

He is open in his support for dictators (Kim Jong-Un and Putin are the most obvious ones but he also supports others). He is destroying the freedoms enjoyed under every other president, fought for since the 1960’s when JFK was elected as the youngest POTUS. He wants to turn the clock back before 1864 when the civil war was fought to end slavery. He has a history of not paying his employees, this is slavery under everything but name.

We have to realise that lying, buying and cheating your way to victory is unlawful and will be overturned as such. We have to work together as a global community to end the power of the super rich to control our environment and lives in any way they see fit.

The more you refuse to hear my voice

Today’s post is about an old topic, as old as time. Music is from Labi Siffre who I admire and is, probably, his best known song ever. Copyright is not owned by me and video is courtesy of YouTube. Apologies if it is not available where you are reading this.

Since the beginning of time man has been fighting, for survival, to increase land occupied, or just because he doesn’t like the other person. We read about people being taken as slaves as their lands were occupied by stronger forces. This has been happening for millenia, but isn’t it about time we changed the behaviour of the past for the benefit of everyone?

In the past we were all barbarians, from the Egyptians to the Greeks to the Romans. Civilisation has come on in leaps and bounds in the last 100 years (although 100 years ago we were in between two World Wars both of which were fought for, or against, opposing doctrines and caused a lot of young people their lives.

Today, we have come on so far that there is no longer the need for war, we can sit and talk with our peers round a table. Arms should be used as a last resort where, in the past, they were used as a first resort we have moved on as a species and the planet now needs everyone to work together. We are all human beings and have the same rights. If we can recognise this fact and work out peaceful solutions to avoid conflicts then surely we should be doing that?

If we can work together to find compromises everyone can live with, isn’t that better than going to war to force our will on others? If we can live peacefully wherever we are, whatever our own personal belief, religion or gender, shouldn’t we be able to live anywhere peacefully? Instead of closing doors and borders, shouldn’t we be looking for ways to open doors and borders so that those displaced by war, famine, act of god or any other reason can find somewhere safe to live?

We are all human but if we lose our humanity, which is happening all over the planet now, doesn’t that make us no better than those barbarians we thought (and should have) been left behind? Can we become better citizens by leaving our humanity at the door? Don’t we owe it to our fellow travellers that we do whatever we can to minimise the suffering which is everywhere? Shouldn’t we offer assistance where we can to others in danger of losing their lives? In the UK we see scenes of starving children, people with no access to clean water, animals being abused and other scenes which go against our very nature. The reason for this is to ask us to part with our hard earned money to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Charity should begin at home and so many countries these days have locked their doors because of the actions of the few against the interests of the many. If we all work together by putting others needs at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring our politicians will also do what is needed to make lives easier for those currently suffering, won’t that make our world better? Can we ignore the wars which keep displacing people from their homes and, instead of vilifying them, welcome them to our neighbourhoods with open arms and a willingness to allow them to work, earn money and pay taxes?

Can we do this because they are human without looking at their religion, skin colour, gender, sexual preference or anything else which makes them different from ourselves. We are all unique and we now know more than we did 20, or even 15 years ago. There are several ways we can progress from here, we can revert back to type and learn nothing from the past or we can work together to make the world a better and safer place for everyone.

I see people everywhere going through so much, living their lives and getting to where they are going. No one has time any more to stop and smell the roses, if we were to take time to look around once in a while would we like what we see in our neighbourhoods? I know there are good neighbourhoods and bad ones, everywhere you go. If we can make a difference to someone’s life by doing something kind without going too far out of the way should we do nothing?

It feels like years since it’s been here

Music today to accompany this post about the ramblings from my head today is from the pen and guitar of George Harrison as covered by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel. Copyright is not owned by me and the video is courtesy of YouTube so apologies if it doesn’t play where you are reading this.

I have heard that Freddie Starr is dead but can’t find any corroboration for this story. This post isn’t about him anyway, it’s about fathers and sons. Some fathers have brilliant relationships with their sons (both my brothers and my dad spring to mind here), me, not so much in the past when I needed him but we are beginning to build bridges now, I can’t help wonder though if it is too little too late since I don’t think I’m going to be around much longer, he will probably outlive all 3 of us just to get his own way.

I had been building a strong relationship with my son until his mother ruined that to prove a point, had him taken into care and I was allowed unsupervised visits every week as often as we wanted but since he turned 18 I haven’t seen him at all. I did tell him not to feel any obligation to come and see me but I thought he would have kept in touch by email or text if not phone calls but if I don’t text him 4 times he doesn’t bother getting in touch with me.

Going back to my own children, I think I must have been a terrible father since my daughter has wanted nothing to do with me since 1997, my son since 2017 and I have 2 grandsons that I never get pictures of, stories about or even hear from them. The eldest of them is now coming up for 20, the younger one will be 17 and I never hear from their mother so don’t expect to ever meet them. As I said that leaves me wondering what I must have done in a previous life to deserve my children turning their backs on me.

Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone reading this has the answer and that doesn’t matter because I have been wallowing in self-pity all day today. I said I was busy when asked to go out but not busy in your sense of the word.

I was busy breathing, getting it under control and stopping my mind from wandering off to the deep dark recesses I used to occupy for weeks and months at a time. I was busy but you might not think that justifies being busy, trust me it is when I start to sink down into the deep blackness that is inside my head. If you knew what lay below the surface then you would run screaming away from me. I’m the type of person who hears gun shots and runs towards them, putting myself in the line of fire to try and save others so that they have time to escape the madness.

Does that make me a hero? No it doesn’t, I’m just wired to help out anyone worse off than me whenever I can. I am no hero I just feel that if I can do something to ease someone else’s pain then it is my duty as a human being to do so. I would die for others although would try to disarm anyone threatening others because I believe life is precious. I don’t see things in colour when I look around at the people around me I see men, women, boys and girls who are all on this trip around the sun we all share. I don’t see the colour of their skin because it doesn’t make any difference to me, but I do see injustice and will always try to stop that.

If we could all treat everyone with respect, kindness and compassion then the journey around the sun will be a lot better for everyone. I don’t see religion as a barrier to getting to know my fellow traveller. I don’t care if you are a Jew, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Jain or follower of witchcraft, wiccan or paganism. I won’t force my religion down your throat and I ask the same of you to not force yours down mine. We all have the right to live our lives as we see fit, to love who we love without prejudice or hatred. Look around and you will see others don’t share this belief, they think it has to be their way or you don’t deserve the right to the freedoms they take for granted. I say we all deserve the same freedoms whether or not we agree is down to the individual.

So what if you love a man, a woman or non-binary, don’t you have the right to live your life your way and find happiness where you can? Yes of course you do, families come in all shapes and sizes and the only thing I would ask of you is to respect my right to live my life as I see fit. I will support your right to live your life as you see fit, as long as no one else gets hurt while you are doing that. I think there are several people around today who were born in the wrong body, that doesn’t make them any less human than you or I. A trans woman is still female as far as I am concerned, a trans male is still a man. If we were all the same and liked the same things life would be so boring, it’s our differences that keep us unique and that makes life interesting. Do you want to live in a world where only white males are allowed to speak? Where anyone of colour and women are second and third class citizens? Of course we don’t, because there would be suppression and victimisation of anyone who happened to not be white male.

Diversion and inclusion is the only way we can survive as a species but only if we work really hard to turn back the destruction we have caused to this planet before it is too late. We have the ability to work together to end the climate emergency facing the planet today and prevent our extinction. The planet has destroyed life before in order to rebuild and survive so don’t think it won’t happen again because if we stand around doing nothing it will happen again and next time it will be humankind which becomes extinct.

I’ve been a cool jerk

Music to accompany today’s post is from George Harrison, the title track of his 1974 album which went on to become his label. Copyright is not owned by me, video is provided courtesy of YouTube and apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

I was thinking the other day about the police in the UK, you see their numbers have decreased a hell of a lot since 2010 and only one political party has picked up on this, promising to do something about it if elected. Today our police are unable to solve the majority of crimes because they are under funded, over stretched and under manned. They are also more likely to be attacked by criminals seeking to escape the long arm of the law, for the majority of criminals know that if they can get away they may well never be caught again.

For a group who pledge to protect us from crime it is disgusting that they are not being given the strength they need to keep themselves safe when trying to keep us safe. There are certain places in the UK which have become more violent in recent years, the police are unable to be everywhere they are needed and if they can’t be there for each other what chance do we have of them being there for us?

I don’t care how people feel about the police there is no excuse for harming them, running them down with cars, attacking them in the pursuit of catching criminals or harming them in any way. If you don’t like the police then avoid them by all means but don’t commit a crime or they will come after you. If you are lucky enough to not be caught then don’t attack the police when they come knocking on your door.

We have a shocking state of affairs in this country just now, the police are doing a dangerous job and often have no nearby back up in case things go wrong. There are an awful lot of police officers in hospital, recovering at home and suffering anxiety because of the attacks they have endured. When I was growing up, my friends and I had respect for the police, sure we broke some laws but nothing major, we never killed anyone, we never maimed anyone, and if questioned by the police we would answer as truthfully as we could without arousing suspicion against ourselves or others.

Police today have none of the support (they will go around singly with no one near them for support). The public often won’t help because of the danger to themselves, so the police are left to their own devices. If we can help then I feel it is our duty to help without putting ourselves in the line of fire when someone has a gun. In the past if a policeman slapped your head and you went home and told your dad, he’d hit you for whatever you had done wrong. Nowadays the dad will try and sue the police for hitting a child, or using unnecessary force.

On another note, someone asked me what MP stands for, asking if it was maybe Military Police (it does stand for that as well). In the UK our politicians are known as MP’s if they sit in the House of Commons and that stands for Member of Parliament. It is the equivalent of a Representative in the House in Washington DC. When one of them is being interviewed and says during that interview that he would rape another MP, laughing it off as a joke, makes it clear that he is one truly sick individual.

Rape is never a joke, nor is it funny. It is a serious criminal offence which has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with control. If someone says publicly that he would rape another human being then he is inviting others to act this out on his behalf. If he thinks he isn’t then he is a fool, just like the idiot currently in the White House in Washington telling White Supremacists that they are doing the right thing and if caught committing crimes then he will pardon them. This is not the attitude we expect from our leaders anywhere in the world.

Avoiding the obvious tangent to go off on here, I think we should take the time to look at what has happened since 2016, both in the USA and in the UK, understand what involvement organised crime from Russia has had in the election and referendum and make damn sure that it doesn’t have the ability to happen again. In the US the current incumbent of the WH is never going to give up his position without a fight, he will declare an emergency in order to remain seated in the WH beyond 2021 if he is voted out in the presidential elections then. He is of course relying on the Russians and Putin to interfere once again in order to keep him in power.

Here in the UK, the referendum as to whether we should leave the EU or remain in it, was hijacked by Leave who got money from abroad, lied and cheated their way to a very narrow victory. In the past the result of any referendum would only be if one side received more than 50% of the electorate in support and a no vote was deemed to be for the status quo. Given that the result in 2016 was lower than 5% different from those who voted the public obviously had voted with their feet, or lack of movement, for Remain. since less than 65% of those eligible had bothered to vote.

Before the referendum, Farage, Johnson and others said that anything less than a 5% victory should result in a second referendum (because they expected to lose) suddenly went very silent when they won by fewer than 4% of the votes cast. Now both May and Corbyn are going ahead with Brexit and no concern for the people who couldn’t vote in 2016 but could vote now being given a choice.

We need a second referendum with 3 options to vote for, May’s deal, no deal or Remain. For politicians to go against this will result in neither Labour not Conservative receiving a mandate in the next General Election. It could even result in both parties being dealt a savage blow and ceasing to exist beyond that general election. If we go ahead with Brexit then it will result in the break up of the United Kingdom as I have said often in my posts. Nicola Sturgeon has already had a resolution passed in Edinburgh giving her the green light for another independence referendum should Brexit go ahead. No one in Northern Ireland wants to see a hard border between North and South so if that is put in place they will also leave. Wales may opt for an independence referendum once the Scots and Irish have gone leaving the UK split into its 4 constituent countries. Scotland will opt to join the EU and take the Euro as it’s currency since the English won’t allow them to keep the GBP as the currency.

Ireland will reunify with the South and that too will result in the Euro being their currency. Wales, who may not ask to rejoin the EU in their own right would have to find a different currency to use. Once the UK has been dismantled who stands to benefit the most from this? Putin and the
Russians? Brexit and Farage? tRump and the USA? All of the above? The answer is probably a mixture of them all. With the UK out of the way Russia will be up against the USA alone and tRump working for them will not stand in the way of Russia moving in and taking over.

The moon stood still

Thought I’d revert to my favourite type of music ever, Rock ‘N Roll. This isn’t my favourite Fats Domino song but it is up in the top 5, it’s probably his best known song so included here. The copyright is not owned by me, the video is provided courtesy of YouTube, apologies if it won’t play where you are.

I have recently completed the Rock And Roll Era from Time Life Warners, thanks in no small part to having the missing tracks on other compilations. If there is one thing I really enjoy it is the raw energy of classic Rock ‘N Roll, my favourites are all black artists who were having a great time making people dance before the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley brought it to the masses and the white audiences.

I have noticed several people have been targeted on Twitter since there was a tweet saying that someone would definitely rape an MP. This is wrong on so many levels I cannot begin to go into why it is wrong, immoral and the responses are totally uncalled for and just as wrong. If you are on twitter then you have probably seen the original tweet and the responses to it. If not I am not going to name names, suffice to say that rape is never right, rape is forcibly taking what you want from another human being.

Women, and men, should realise that we all have the right to be treated with respect. Saying that you would rape another human being is not just wrong it can lead to someone carrying out the act thinking they are acting with your authority. Words have consequences and we have to realise this. One of the worst things we can do is disrespect another’s human rights. However, it is worse than that to incite others to carry out a breach of human rights in our name.

I know at this point it would be very easy for me to get back on my high horse and point fingers at various politicians and political parties who have been outspoken in recommending violent acts against others, however, this post is not about that. It is about the voice people have been given to promote violent acts, not the people doing the promotion.

The planet is dying and fighting back from the brink, if we don’t recognise there is an emergency then the next species to become extinct will be us. We have to work together with the planet to avoid our own extinction and it is not enough to criticise those who refuse to see what is in front of their faces. When the younger generation see what our generation has refused to acknowledge then we should listen since they are the future.

I feel very strongly about the youth of today having a voice, I fought for the rights of the few over the rights of the many in the 1960’s and realised that together we can make a difference. The majority may be silent but when we shout and make it obvious that something is going wrong with our thought processes as a species we can reach millions. There is no reason to create division and hatred except to promote your own interests. The wealthy have always tried to dominate by dividing and conquering. If you look around at the white supremacists you will see that, for the main part, they are white and poor. Those inciting them to violence are the rich and powerful and not always white, but mainly white. The world order has to change and work for the many not the few which scares the hell out of the rich ruling classes. They know that if we unite with inclusion and diversity as our watch words then they will fall as their flaws are revealed along with their true purpose.

I may have been a single voice crying in the wilderness but more and more people are waking up to the fact that only by working together can we have any chance to save ourselves and this planet. I don’t care what the religious fanatics say about others, preaching hate and division is not what the Bible, Qran and Scriptures are preaching. Every religion has its own holy book, the message is always the same – Love – for your neighbour, your fellow man and those suffering at the hands of others is the way to redemption.

If all the holy books preach love then when does hate play any part in redemption? If we don’t put our differences aside, work together to end wars and save the planet then we will all die. The planet has the ability to renew itself but it will annihilate the human race in order to do so. There are other species which will also become extinct when the planet is renewing itself, but do we want to be responsible for our own extinction?

If you want to comment on this post please do so, I would like to hear your opinion whether you agree with my position or not. Dialogue has to be a 2-way street or it is meaningless.

Whenever I’m feeling bad I listen to music

No lyrics today to get you guessing, the music is an instrumental from 1968, Fleetwood Mac led by Peter Green and featuring Danny Kirwan. I don’t own the copyright in this music and as always video is from YouTube, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Things keep unravelling for the planet and yesterday there was a dramatic twist in the UK, instead of the boring topic of Brexit there was a remarkable upswing when Labour pushed the House of Commons to declare a Climate Emergency. We should keep up this momentum but not lose sight of the bigger picture that we are not the biggest culprit and on our own we can make a difference by keeping this in the news. Greta and the teenagers are making a huge impact with their Friday strikes to keep global warming in the public eye.

If we can prevent any further destruction of the ozone layer by forcing other countries Governments to make the same commitment towards climate change then just maybe we can start addressing the problems this planet is facing. The more of the ice caps which disappear and melt into the ocean the more sea levels will rise and more of the land mass will be under threat of flooding. That is not rocket science, it is plain common sense, ice is after all frozen water and the ice caps and glaziers are diminishing at a much greater rate than ever before.

The planet has a history of protecting itself and if we don’t want to become extinct then we have to work together to reverse the effects of a century of oil companies increasing the carbon footprint of everyone on this planet. There are plenty of sustainable sources to use if we start now then we can save the planet. However, if we don’t then by 2025 we will have passed the point of no return and can look forward to the planet becoming water bound.

In any event, the planet is dying and is fighting back to preserve itself and some life on it. There is evidence of major catastrophes happening in the past which destroyed the dominant species on the planet. We don’t have to kid ourselves that it won’t happen again because we are destroying this planet and have known about it for the last 60 years but done nothing to correct it. The big oil companies don’t want to do anything that would reduce their profit levels, the poor among us are suffering because of this and as long as there are dumb idiots running the world down then we have no chance of survival.

Of course it was not the poor in society who created this problem but it is down to each and every one of us to try and put it right. If we don’t do something right now then we will be too late and things will have deteriorated too far and too long to ever correct.

Some have gone and some remain

Yesterday, I turned 65, still don’t feel that old. I was in Liverpool for Storm Hannah, not specifically for that storm with high winds and rain. I was there to go to The Beatles Story in Albert Dock. In honour of the group and the visit I thought what better music to accompany this post than one of the fabs better songs from a fantastic album (not Sgt. Pepper’s) so here you have, from Rubber Soul a song I enjoy from the second best Beatles album close on the heels of Revolver and ahead of the aforementioned Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Copyright is not owned by me and apologies if the video won’t play where you are.

Here are the pictures I took yesterday while wandering around following the Beatles Story from the Casbah to India and the bitter end in London. There was also a section dedicated to all four following the break up, with a further section for John Lennon who was taken from us too soon. Not so much writing this time but I will make up for that next time.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from the world in the 1960’s as seen by four guys who loved each other from the time they all met in 1959 and 1961 until the bitter end in April 1970 when Paul McCartney announced he was leaving the Beatles (this was a few months after John Lennon told him, George and Richie that he “wanted a divorce”).

You are my strength

Music to accompany this post is from the maestro, John Lennon. Video is courtesy of YouTube, copyright is not owned by me but by Apple Records/EMI and the video is not owned by me. If we can make the world a better place and don’t then the chaos is our fault.

We can all make the world better by doing what needs to be done, I was watching a drama show yesterday and one thing that really hit home (to me anyway) is the pressure we all feel when observing an act of violence. We pay our policemen and women to protect us and keep us safe yet we will stand around and watch when someone is attacked in broad daylight. Some will have their phones out and video the attack (crime or whatever) being carried out. They are doing something productive only if the video is given to those keeping us safe. With clear shots of the guilty parties in order to bring them to justice.

I believe that no one has the right to terrorise people whether they are gangstas on the streets of New York, Washington, Los Angeles, London or Birmingham (AL or UK) or even sitting in the highest elected position in the UK or USA. No one is above the law and anyone who breaks the law, whether it is driving while drunk or refusing a legal obligation to hand over tax returns, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I would like to remind those in positions of power that they answer to the common rank and file of the electorate and not the Prime Minister or the President. I know in Washington the House will not hesitate to impeach the POTUS for breaking the law and not handing his tax returns over, obstructing justice and lying to the people of the USA. Similarly our Prime Minister on this side of the pond lies and ignores the electorate at her peril.

In the USA members of the House and Senate are sworn in to protect the constitution and uphold the values of that document. That means they should not follow party politics and instead uphold the law of the land. I have seen a lot of Presidents come and go over the years, some great some crooked, the current incumbent is doing everything to further his own aims, increase his wealth and subvert those trying to make him accountable to the normal rank and file of the country.

I follow a lot of people on twitter and on here whose first language is not English, the reason is that peace can only be won if we all, from every nation, say enough is enough and come together. Some of the posts can be translated for me to understand, however, not every language is translated using Google. However, if we are to hold governments accountable we have to work together and have no grounds for not doing so. We can only make changes to the world we are occupying by working together. I am in favour of doing everything we can to help our fellow travellers, that means not remaining silent when our speech can make changes and protect the vulnerable.

I don’t know what has happened to society in recent years when racism, bigotry, misogyny and hatred are running rampant in two of the most powerful countries in the world sponsored by Russian oligarchs and the Russian President. I would like to work with my fellow travellers to ensure that every single person on this planet has the right to life. Saudi Arabia have just executed 37 people who opposed the Saudi royal family on trumped up charges. If we refuse to hold them accountable because they happen to sit on tremendous reserves of oil, the same fuel which is destroying the environment and planet quicker every day.

We have to find a sustainable option to oil and a lot quicker than currently being done so that crimes against humanity are not swept under the table. I am not alone in wanting to find criminals accountable for their crimes. There is no way that any criminal should ever be given a free pass for their crimes no matter what position they hold. Murder is still murder whether it is carried out by Joe Bloggs or the Saudi Prince. Anyone who is found guilty of a crime in a court of law by a jury of their peers has no recourse against that decision without new evidence coming to light. Anyone found guilty of a crime without any trial and a confession extracted by torture should not be taken as truth.

I believe that everyone accused of a crime has the right to a trial unless they plead guilty and the sentence should then fit the crime and the plea. Without the appearance of transparency we have nothing, trials being conducted behind closed doors with no one present but the judge, accused and counsel has no transparency. The condition of the accused is never released either so how do we know he has never been tortured in countries where torture is the norm?

Where the ocean wears the shore down

Music today is from the Dukes Of Stratosphear and copyright is owned by XTC and the music label (not sure which one since this was a home demo). Very psychedelic track and the vocal sounds as though it was Mr. McCartney from around early 1970.

Been hearing and reading such a lot about tRump and his comments when Notre Dame cathedral was burning and after. The man is an idiot, wanting to air drop water on an ancient building which was still being used. Then afterwards calling it a Museum, doesn’t he know the difference between a cathedral and a museum?

Anyway enough about the idiot, we have heard the tales of how CA hacked Facebook and used people’s profiles in the USA to hijack the 2016 Presidential election, and the profiles of UK citizens to hijack the referendum in the same year. It turns out that they were paid by the Russians (directly) and also received money from Leave (in the UK) and tRump (in the USA). That’s why the 2016 results should be declared null and void in both countries and a return to the countries populations today to run a fair campaign where everyone can stand by the result.

I know that there are those in both countries who are not happy that they will have to pay the price for breaking the law and being caught out. If they didn’t want to do the time they never should have committed the crime. All the racists raising their voices in other countries should now be running scared, the company responsible for the hacks has been forced out of business and we have to ensure that no other company comes along to pick up the sleaze where they failed.

I don’t believe that anyone is continuing to fall for the lies and half truths any longer but there are some idiots who will jump when someone starts giving them permission to do so. The idiot who started spouting off at poor old Mo in that shop has been arrested for hate crimes and I hope he does a lot of years in jail for his verbal abuse of both Mo and the young lady who filmed the incident. (She was never ever in front of the camera but the idiot kept calling her a stupid bitch and that is not something to say to any woman). If we can prevent this type of horror happening in our countries then we should all be willing to take our cameras out and film the perpetrator during the crime.

If we have proof like that then there is no defence that the crime was not committed. I believe in the power of the silent majority to change the world. Why should we be held back and pushed into the bad old days by the voice of hatred and division? Those who fear for their jobs are the ones who seek to divide and turn neighbour against neighbour. People like tRump, May and those in power in Australia and parts of Canada are using hate to alienate and divide so they can conquer. If we stand united and refuse to hate our fellow passengers on this trip around the sun we can leave them cold and alone with nowhere to hide.

Going back to my first flight, I flew from Heathrow to LAX and the flight was bumpy most of the way so we were told to remain in our seats, however, the cabin crew were amazing getting round to everyone with drinks and snacks. They also entertained those who were terrified in order to calm them down and I don’t think for a minute that they were any more stressed than they would have been on a smooth flight. Virgin Atlantic cabin crew were amazing that flight and again on the return flight, but that was smoother with fewer bumps in the road.

I have flown with British Airways more times than enough and also with Emirates, BA is the best out of these two but Virgin Atlantic still have the best crews so far. (Of course I can’t compare current crews since I have only flown Virgin twice in 1992). I have also flown American Airlines and that was a domestic flight within the USA (New Jersey to New Orleans). However, that flight crew were alright but we never had meals or drinks during the 3 hour flight. I know not everyone enjoys flying (my wife is fine in the air but hates take off and landing) but for those of us who do there really isn’t anything like it.

I have been thinking a lot about why I am here, especially after discovering my cousin Jimmy took his own life several years ago, having been so low I have contemplated doing it a few times and tried it twice without success. Suicide is never the easy way out, it takes a lot to kill someone and a heck of a lot more to kill yourself. Why then do people allow their friends to become so low and in a place so dark that they see no way out for themselves? All it takes is a phone call, or a text, asking them how they are and they stop feeling so lonely and can often decide to see what the rest of the day, the next day and even the rest of the week is like. If you have a friend who is prone to dark and deep depressions reach out and ask them how they are doing. (Word of advice never ask them how they feel unless you are strong enough to get the darkness put out for you to smell and touch).

As I have mentioned to others in the past, dear reader, there is never a right length of time to be in someone’s life, we will touch others right through our lives. If you take a second to check out It’s A Wonderful Life with James Stewart you will get the idea. I have never gone for quantity with friends, acquaintances I have in abundance but friends I have only had a few, some for a few months or years, others for longer and one has so far lasted for the last 46 years, it won’t last much longer though as she is dying from cancer. This makes me feel down, if we can be there for our friends no matter what, it does make us stronger as people but the pain when they leave our lives with no chance to return is harder than anything else we will ever feel or experience.

I know I will do anything for a friend, and have done in the past, including going out at 12:30 (in the morning) to walk 2 miles home to get some paracetomol and then walked 2 miles back with it so that my friend could have some as she was in such a lot of pain. This was someone both Lyn (my friend with cancer) and I knew since Lyn worked with her in the typing pool and I used to hang around the typing pool a lot.

The point I would like to get across here is that both Lyn and Anne are women, I have slept in the same house as both at different times, never slept with either in the same bed, and Lyn and I have been friends for almost half a century. I care about a lot of things which go against my ethical teaching, people hating for no reason is never good, love is better. I pity those who have to run others down in order to feel better about themselves, I know enough about myself to keep going fuelled with love for my fellow travellers. If those who were able to pay did so, instead of making deals with their “friends” in high places to reduce what they do pay, there would be enough money, food and houses to go around for those without. Here in the UK our NHS service is being sold off by successive Tory Governments until the only thing that will be left is the costly and unprofitable areas (like patient care) and then the Tories will stop funding them and close wards, beds and hospitals down leaving us in the same condition as the USA.

Within the USA there are those Representatives who are trying to build a national health solution which will benefit every American whether or not they have health insurance. If they are trying to build a health system similar to our NHS, why are the Tories trying their hardest to remove ours and sell it off to the highest bidder when everyone knows how badly the system is currently working in the USA.