You keep all your money in a big brown bag

by davebarclay1954

Well, it’s been a while my friend and dear reader, I was hoping not to have to post that, here in the UK anyway, we are still in our 3rd lockdown because some people can’t obey the guidelines so they have now been made law. Shops are refusing to allow anyone inside who doesn’t have a face mask on covering their nose and mouth, there are still those who try. What is the point in wearing a face mask if it doesn’t cover your nose and mouth? Do the men walking around like that really have their underwear pulled down so their penis sticks out? Or so high up their ball sack is showing? And as for the women because there are some of them as well who don’t wear face masks properly, is it because they are going around with their bra under their boobs with the nipples stiking out, or over their boobs so everything hangs loose?

Sorry (that was the only similarity I could think of since women only have one crack). If we have learned one thing from this lockdown as opposed to the previous two it is that Government have no wish to ease this one until the death toll drops into double figures. At the moment it is still over 1k a day excess deaths. The problem in the past was with the government allowing their chief advisor to get away with driving 600 miles while exhibiting the symptoms of covid-19. He has now “gone” as he did in 2019, out of the public gaze and into the back room.

If only the great British Public had realised that there was only one alternative to Johnson, and that was Corbyn. Maybe then we would have had the Government that the country needed. Yes 38% of the electorate voted to “Get Brexit done” believing the lies from the liar in chief who likes the idea of being Prime Minister, but prefers the title ex-PM. The job is proving far too strenuous for his tiny mind to comprehend that what he does has consequences. He refuses to read anything over one page, likes to have a sleep in the afternoons and generally thinks it is acceptable to skip meetings when he doesn’t understand what is being discussed (in other words almost every meeting). Which is why he has so many personal advisers, they attend, take notes, simplify them for an idiot and shorten them then give them to him.

What ever happened to the premise of working as hard as the job decrees? Or should that just apply to the working classes? Johnson believes that he is entitled to do as he pleases and increase his wealth and the wealth of his chums. He is promoting the myth that those on benefits are taking too much out of the public coffers and putting nothing back. In actual fact those taking out of the public coffers are the wealthy, which is why they did everything they could to stop a Labour Government which would have worked for the many against the few. They are all in favour of Starmer because, like Blair before him, he believes that the wealthy shouldn’t pay the price for welfare for the poorest.

Even though the wealthy can afford to give away most of their ill gotten gains in favour of those with less, and still have enough left for 5 lifetimes. I feel that life is for living and living well. At the moment no one can do that, however, once the vaccine has been fully rolled out to everyone on this planet, we can get back to a semblance of normality, we will have to make some changes to our thinking though as we cannot continue to kill this planet we call home. We have to learn from this latest pandemic and return to the ways and wisdom of our elders, live in harmony with the planet and nature taking only what we need, no more no less, and not killing species of animals and insects to the point of extinction.