Whatever your faith, Hoping you have a great Christmas/Hanukah

by davebarclay1954

OK, no treatise this time around, no song lyrics for a title. No jokes and no tantrums (I may not be as bad as tRump but I really do have my moments.

If everyone demanded our leaders give up any thoughts of increasing their land mass through war, wouldn’t that be something worth having?

All I want for Christmas is Peace on Earth.

So this is Christmas and what have we done?

Another year over and the New one set to begin.

If we want it then we can organise, promote and petition to make it happen, after all only 4.5% can start a revolution, once it starts it will snowball because there are more against the Government than would ever vote for them.

Happy Hanukah or Merry Christmas to everyone, everywhere, especially those still being killed in wars such as the Palestinians, Syrians and others.