Love is old, love is new

by davebarclay1954

Love is all, love is you. Because the world is round and not flat, square, oblong or diamond shaped, we spin round and round in space. Rolling on our annual free trip around the sun. Life is for living and living isn’t free any more, but it should be.

Did you know that if those tightwad billionaires who make up just 1% of the population paid tax at just 45% there would be no poverty, therefore no war, no hunger and everyone could have free health care. I mean how much do you need for a lifetime? Everyone of them has so much money they take out of the economy that poverty, hunger and war will never end. As long as there is poverty and hunger there will always be war because the wealthy have to limit the numbers of us that there are.

If we were to rise up against them since we outnumber them 99 to one, they wouldn’t stand a chance, they built their wealth on the backs of the mugs, like you and me, who work (or worked) for them. If they shared their profits with the workforce who generated the income in the first place would we care so much about them hoarding the rest?