When I’m closing in on death

by davebarclay1954

If this year has taught us anything it is not to trust our political leaders to protect us from a pandemic. They don’t care if millions die, why? Just look at the facts, Thailand has 2.5 times the population of the UK, to date they have had 7 Covid Related deaths. The UK has had over 60,000 and it is still rising, why? Because our government don’t care about the rank and file in this country. If the death toll rises to above 500,000 (yes that is half a million people) will the government care more? No, as long as they are safe and their wealthy chums are safe, they are happy to let the rest of the country perish.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland those in charge have been doing whatever is necessary to save as many people there as possible. Without trying to score political points they have been doing just that. When the next election is fought all 3 countries will fight on the topic of Independence, when their parties for Independence win, they will not need a referendum to give voice to the people. They will be able to leave the UK on the mandate the election was fought and England will be left alone, while those newly Independent countries will rejoin the EU in their own right.

History teaches us that todays issues are all global issues and should be tackled together, not individually. Our politicians should be joining with other countries to find the solutions to those issues, rather than burying their head in the sand. If they continue to push forward with plans for fossil fuels rather than renewables then they are responsible for every coronavirus that follows on the heels of Covid-19. No one else to blame but the man at the top, the ones in charge. There is a simple solution to the economic crash of 2021 and that is to tax the wealthy until the economy recovers. Joe Biden will do that in the USA but johnson hasn’t got the guts to follow his lead in the UK.