Naiad queen Salmacis has been stirred

by davebarclay1954

Is it any wonder that people in the UK have woken up to the dangers of the Tories? Not everyone, yet, but I think we are getting there. If ever there was a time for a change it is now, not just in the UK but everywhere on the planet. The pandemic has damaged economies across the globe, some worse than others (notably the two worst hit by excessive deaths are the most damaged economies). It’s time for a change, for us all to wake up and see we are not citizens of this country or that, we are all Global Citizens. What happens to one happens to us all because of the greed of some.

The climate emergency isn’t going to vanish overnight as long as some in our midst still want to boost their profits, we changed it immensely this year in countries that people thought were never going to change. Lock down did that, improved the quality of the air by less pollution being generated. No my friend, I know that was only temporary and big business wants to get back to the wanton destruction of our natural eco system. That’s why we have to make a stand, either you want an end to the destruction of the planet, or you are willing to sacrifice every human on this planet for the destruction of the few.

Science has told us that the pandemic was transferred from animals whose habitat we destroyed. I feel the time is ripe for a new revolution, outlaw greed and profit, work together for the benefit of all and we can all benefit. Keep the status quo and we all die together, all because some of us want even more wealth accumulated than they already have. What is the point in increasing wealth for the top 1% who already have more than they could spend in 50 lifetimes? The purpose of money was to remove the barter system, when people are dying in the name of profit isn’t it time to move away from money and treat everyone exactly the same?

Making sure we all have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and health care when it is needed, those should be the priorities for everyone. Basic human rights are not some random things to be given to some and denied to others, each and every one of us deserves to be treated with respect, empathy and given those basic human rights as a starting point, don’t tell yourself that this section or that section, this person or that person doesn’t deserve these rights because unless they apply to everyone equally then they apply to none.

Jeremy Corbyn has been vilified by the establishment since 2015 when he became the leader of the Labour Party, why is that? Because he was (and still is) a threat to the establishment. The Tories want to continue doing what they always have done, austerity measures affect the poorest in society not the wealthiest. The wealthiest will increase their wealth even while people are starving, they don’t care, neither do their Government. So why do poor people keep voting for them time after time? Because they keep hoping against hope that they can lift themselves out of the mire and become wealthy themselves because the Tories said they could. They know the record of these same CONservatives is to lie and lie and renege on promises made during an election campaign. Yet they keep hoping that these liars will one day start telling the truth, never going to happen, dear friend.

If we want change then we have to make it ourselves, no one else will give it to us on a plate. The liars prosper because people keep believing the lies, thinking the leopard will change its spots, but it won’t. Why should they start telling the truth when lying wins them elections? It all started in 1979 when the biggest liar of them all won her first election victory. That showed them the way to win big was the con, and they have been doing it ever since.