One of these days I’m gonna dance with the devil

by davebarclay1954

For the last two weeks (perhaps longer) I’ve been coming on here to write this post, then left without even putting the title in. However, I decided that it’s about time to bite the bullet, bare my soul and get this done before I totally forget what I wanted to say.

Isn’t it funny how many people are now saying that Covid-19 is a hoax? Even some in hospitals in the USA, with the virus are claiming it is a hoax. They must have really mild symptoms then if they think it is mild. I think I may have caught it last year after my winter flu jab because I was ill for over a month with flu like symptoms, only much worse than normal from the jab. I normally suffer for about a week after getting my jab but last year I was as weak as a new born kitten, had no energy and zero intention to do anything except feel sorry for myself.

As I said that lasted about a month, then I slowly began to return to normal, housework was getting done, I was out and about spending more time out than in, which my free bus pass enabled me to do. Then, about 3 weeks ago, I started feeling as though I couldn’t function, my brain felt as though it was on fire and everything was getting on top of me again. Last week I started struggling for breath when I was lying down and my ears have started filling up with wax again.

If I have got this virus again it is a whole lot worse than last year. Of course, I missed my appointment for my flu jab this year and am waiting now to see if they can fit me in again for it, or when they can fit me in for it. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon to see if there’s anything that I can try that I haven’t done yet. I mean I don’t have any of the major symptoms they tell you to look out for, cough that lasts for ages or flu-like symptoms. Anyway, it’s getting late so I think I should just post this now and maybe come back and finish it later.