There’s nothing you can see that isn’t shown

by davebarclay1954

L is for the lonely, those poor souls sleeping rough

O is for the nothing they have but contempt

V is for the voice that they have lost

E is for everyone who walks past them unseeing

I is for those idiots who aspire to be

S is for the super-rich who cannot see

A is for the animals dying in the fires

L is for the loss of the planet we hold dear

L is for the losers who don’t care and won’t hear

Y is for those of you who see but will not say

O is for the ones who are on zero hour contracts

U is for us who care about everyone

N is for needless death because of Government inaction

E is for elephants who are about to become extinct

E is for everyone who refuses to believe the truth

D is for dying because we don’t have a voice

The whole is Love because that’s all you need