Everybody’s talking about dragism, bagism, this ism that ism

by davebarclay1954

Today, the clocks change at 2a.m. in the UK, this will give us an extra hour of 2020 which, according to our government is just what we need this year, an hour longer to get rid of the shittiest year I can remember – ever. Global Warming is bad enough, after all scientists believe it has caused this pandemic and yet forests are still being destroyed, wells and mines sunk to keep fossil fuels flowing and in use.

It’s time everyone switched to renewables but because this will mean destruction of profits for the vast majority of those backing Governments in most of the West and East, they will continue to attempt to destroy this thinking. That’s why we should all keep working towards changing every economy over to a greener revolution because, for the majority of us, there is no Planet B.