Lend me your ear while I call you a fool

by davebarclay1954

You were kissed by a witch one night in the wood, yes that’s right it isn’t by the Fabs. It’s from Jethro Tull, a single called Witch’s Promise. I have just finished watching Season 4 of Van Helsing and it has more twists and plot changes than ever before, it kept me gripped as I wanted to get to the end, thinking everything would be tied up and yet, no, it ended on a cliff hanger presumably because they couldn’t finish the entire season before Covid struck.

I am disappointed with my Government’s handling of this crisis, seeking merely to get Brexit done and out of the way, given that Covid has caused an economic downturn which isn’t going to be corrected any time soon, we are rushing headlong into another economic meltdown which will see the economy crashing without a hope of recovery unless this Government pulls in it’s horns and reaches a deal before the end of this month with our nearest neighbours. The alternative is to renege on the divorce settlement reached two years ago, in breach of international law, and force every other nation on the planet to treat us as outcasts, pariahs for failing to uphold a bargain reached by an elected Government with another 27 Governments and the European Parliament.

Enough politics for this post, I think. In a post apocalyptic world, one where everyone on the planet is in danger of being wiped out by a pandemic, albeit a made up pandemic, just how close to 2020 is that vision? If we aren’t careful then we could begin to panic as we see everything we believe in crumble and fall. Because of the greed of some, the worthy must perish, because of the power-hunger of others those not quite so worthy will also perish. Until all that is left is a mere imitation of what the human race was and could have been. There have been so many programs made that follow that premise, trying to show us the way to our salvation but we did not heed them. Now we’re living through those days.

Ever since the 1960’s, when some of us woke up, we have been telling everyone that we need to protect the environment and not keep on destroying it, the more plants and animal species which we destroy the more vulnerable we are to diseases. No one listened and the planet is fighting now for survival. We should maybe write a new screenplay, one where a bunch of scientists discover a treatment for an unknown disease, stop destroying the planet because all of the wealthiest people have died leaving no one bent on destruction for profit. Nature has taken over most of the planet and has restored equilibrium again. Those few humans left are working with nature to protect and survive with the planet.

The end result would be an end to capitalism because profits can only be made, and continue to be made, by destroying the world around us. There is no planet B, this one is all we have that we are capable of living on. There may be others out there capable of supporting life but they wouldn’t have us there, at least not willingly. I still don’t believe that out of all the millions of galaxies out there, with planets surrounding each star, that this is the only inhabited planet anywhere. Maybe the other planets which have life forms on them aren’t yet capable of space travel, perhaps those civilisations which have visited us in the past have also died out, or maybe they saw us as primitives and therefore not worthy of them making contact with us.

As long as we continue to destroy this planet I fear that the last one is probably the most truthful, and honest reason why we have not been contacted by those travelling here across space. Maybe, every other inhabited planet ended war, poverty and destruction millennia ago? I don’t know any more than you do, but I would like to think that we can come out of Covid with a better understanding of what we did wrong, correcting that for future generations. Ending war on this planet, treating every single person left after the pandemic with respect and dignity. Ending poverty and homelessness, giving every single person here access to clean water and health care. Finding another way to get what we need rather than by working for a pittance in order to buy the things we need which should be given freely anyway.

The kind of world I would like to see post-Covid, is one where everyone is accountable for their own actions, no one is left alone to suffer and die. Everyone is fed, sheltered and kept safe, no one is left without health care because it is given freely and not for the privileged few to obtain. Wealth is not measured by big bank accounts, but how well you treat your fellow human beings. If we learn nothing else from this pandemic then can we at least learn to have (and honour) our humanity?