In the town where I was born

by davebarclay1954

If only things would go back to normal, I hear that almost every day now, however, the truth is that we will probably never return to the way we were as long as greed and the pursuit of wealth continue to destroy this planet. I have been a follower of John Lennon for a long time now, watching as he and Yoko worked tirelessly for peace in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. I was probably more pleased than anyone when the new album saw the light of day in 1980, buying it within a week of it’s release. Then his senseless killing in December spoiled Christmas for me that year and every year since.

Why did such a proponent for peace die so horribly being shot with dum dum rounds (hollow points) designed to do just one thing: destroy everything in their path, flesh, bone, organs? The only person who really knows is Mark Chapman and long may he rot in jail unless he tells us why he assassinated John Lennon in such a callous and uncaring way. He destroyed more than just one families lives that day, he took a father away from two children, a husband away from a wife and an iconic figure for peace away from the world. Today, I don’t think John would be able to remain silent were he still here, because of all the damage being done to the planet, the wars still being fought and the way black Americans are being killed almost daily.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones paved the way for the Civil Rights movement by refusing to play anywhere if their audience was separated, and backing it up by actions. After all, these two groups were heavily influenced by black Americans, they were both white, they both hated segregation and fought for equality for everyone. Doesn’t it state in the Constitution of the United States that all MEN are created equal? That means that the founding fathers didn’t see that black or white were superior but, rather, that all were equal under the law. What happened between then and now? Why are so many black men, most of them unarmed and not posing any threat to anyone, shot down, suffocated, stamped on by white society and killed in the 21st century?

After all the inroads being made in the 1960’s by black and white standing together demanding change, peaceful protests by Dr. King and violent protests by Malcolm X, looking to achieve the same end, an end to segregation and division of people according to skin colour. If the past teaches us anything at all then it should teach us that every single person on this planet is the same. If you cut any one of us, isn’t our blood red? If you strip the skin away aren’t our muscles and sinews the same? If you strip everything away don’t our skeletons appear identical?

We are all equal under the sky, we should all be treated with respect, until and unless we prove we are not worthy of respect. Skin colour, gender, sexual preference does not enter into the equation at all. Neither should religion, place of birth or where we would like to live. The fact remains that we are, all of us, entitled to live our lives in peace and harmony with the planet and the rest of humanity. If we are escaping war or persecution then shouldn’t we be welcomed anywhere to build a new and safer life for ourselves and our families? If we are persecuted for our beliefs then shouldn’t we be allowed to settle somewhere these don’t matter?