Would you know my name

by davebarclay1954

If I saw you in heaven? Okay so you got it already, never mind. I heard that the tRump has been tested positive for Covid-19, first time he has ever tested positive in his life for anything. Of course, Melania has caught it as well, probably Ivanka and tRump Jr, Pence and others have also been infected and I saw that he still went to a fund raising rally yesterday and was talking of going to another one today.

Since none of the tRumpsters wear face masks believing that Covid-19 is a hoax they are going to infect thousands of their supporters over the next two weeks, here’s hoping that unlike our inglorious PM they actually have caught the virus and suffer the consequences of having caught it so they can’t go out on the campaign trail ahead of the election.

On a lighter note, I wouldn’t wish ill on anyone (no not even the tRump) so I just hope he recovers in time to get his disgusting family out of the White House and into jail where they belong. If he gets bail, he’ll never stand trial because he’ll be off to join either Putin in Russia or Kim Jong Un in North Korea.