You are driving me frantic

by davebarclay1954

So sail across the Atlantic to be where you belong. Yes back with the fabs once more and this is the original post I was going to post yesterday, based on the weekend events in London and across the USA.

People are marching to protest that wearing masks is taking away their right to choose. The thing is though, their right to choose is going to make a hell of a lot of people ill with this pandemic. Masks don’t protect the person wearing them, they protect others. I have mental health issues which mean that I am exempt from wearing one, yet everytime I go out of the house further than the path outside the back garden I wear a mask. Why do I feel it is necessary for me to wear a mask?

I come into contact with selfish people who only think about themselves and don’t stop to consider the effect their selfishness has on others, like me and my wife, with serious underlying conditions which mean that Covid-19 can kill us. Because they could have the virus for up to 14 days without any symptoms I wear a mask in case I have been infected. That way I’m protecting others in case I do have the virus without any symptoms.

As well as coming into contact with people refusing to wear a mask there are some people who won’t wear them properly but do have them on. Like those gentlemen in Asda last Friday with their noses uncovered by their masks. That, to me, is like putting boxers or pants on with their meat and two veg hanging out. There are also a lot of people wearing their face masks under their chin, why? Especially the ladies, is that because they suffer from penis envy and wish they had meat and two veg of their own they could show off?

Of course not everyone can put the mask on and keep it covering their entire lower face (nose, mouth and chin) I have several masks and one of these is bigger than the rest so it slides down but before it falls off my nose completely I adjust it so that my nose remains covered. I mentioned this to a friend of mine and he told me that those people who either don’t wear face masks properly, don’t wear them at all or don’t respect social distancing are putting everyone at risk. He is just grateful that there are people out there, like me, who consider others before themselves and always wear a face mask.