I know for sure nobody should be that poor

by davebarclay1954

One of my favourite albums from 1970 has just had a make over for 2020 and it’s 50th anniversary hence the title of this piece of drivel from the crazy mind of moi!

Those of us who know that Brexit is going to cripple the economy leading to a further downturn so close on the heels of this pandemic it will cripple us forever. Leading to the complete break up of the United Kingdom and those countries which voted overwhelmingly for Remaining asking to rejoin the EU in their own right because, as we now know, the EU didn’t fall apart because we were going to leave.

That’s all I’m saying about this at the moment, other than to predict that johnson is going to stand down in January, following Brexit, before the shit hits the fan completely and blame Covid19 for doing so. Not that he ever had the disease he just wanted to take more time off without hiding away somewhere while his most senior advisor was breaking the rules of lockdown he had helped to write. This was to divert attention away from Cummings who was in Durham at the time.

He has already started the blame game for the new law stating he can break international law with impunity. He said that a no deal Brexit and reneging on the agreement already signed was “a cunning plot with two m’s”. He can never accept the blame for any of his failures and will always have at least one scapegoat in mind whenever he does something illegal.

One thing that I have found in my 66 years living in this country called the UK is that the Tories can never be trusted to do anything they say they will. Thatch lied about not privatising the NHS while in office because she started the process and also underfunding while the Tories were in power. Johnson also said the NHS was safe because it would not be on the negotiating table in any deal with the US but he has refused to make the talks public meaning that he is selling off what is left of the NHS for private gain.

Anyhoo, let’s go on to something less fractious, I was reading about DS Pilchard (yes the Semolina Pilchard from I Am The Walrus) and he announced that although he busted several famous rock stars including John and Yoko and George Harrison, he never bore them any malice, in fact he had been tipped off by one of the papers that there was a huge amount of cannabis in Patties car but he refused to look in the car to see if that was true because it would have meant a longer sentence for George. He also spoke long and hard with Lennon in the interrogation room and found him to be a very likeable person, down to earth and willing to cop to the charge of possession even though the heroin probably was Jimi’s.

In the end he comes across as someone with a job to do who never wanted to take it as far as others would have, and he never planted evidence. That doesn’t mean the evidence wasn’t planted because it still could have been planted by the very MSM who tipped him off on where to find the drugs and how much he would find. On a much lighter note in his tale he was dragged up on conspiracy charges because there was a lot of bent coppers in the Met at that time, including his partner and he ended up serving a few months inside which resulted in the loss of his job and most, if not all, of his collars being overturned.

This of course helped John Lennon to procure a green card which he had been trying to get since 1972, and had overstayed his visa because his lawyer told him if he left the USA he would be barred for life, in hindsight this may have kept him alive.