Rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace

by davebarclay1954

This post will start off the way I intend but, those who are regulars here will already know, it may veer off and become quite darkly funny. It could also go the other way completely and become derailed into a rant. The thing is dear reader, if you don’t let me know which you prefer then I will keep being unpredictable.

I just watched Season 1 and 2 of Timeless on Netflix and oh my god the women in that show are so like women I know and love, and yet as well as the feminine side to them they can also kick ass like any man in the show. I won’t spoil this in case you decide to watch but, and this is only a little spoiler alert so you can see if it’s your bag or not, it is science fiction and deals with time travel.

The thing about this show is that it details the dangers of going back in time to change one thing having a different outcome in the future (or present) other shows have dealt with time travel differently to this one, it tries to answer the question of if a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound if no one is around. The answer they came up with is hell yes it does and it changes the outlook of the entire forest forever.

If you like good sci-fi shows, with real characters and don’t treat women as sex objects then you should definitely give this show a watch. If we can empower women by making and watching shows like this then it can only be wonderful for everyone, women are such a huge part of everyday life, whether you agree or disagree with me or others who are caring and loving of everyone without any preconceptions until they give me cause to dislike them. I think that if women, blacks, yellows and every colour under the sun are empowered then the world will change for the better. We have seen how much foreign powers have interfered in our elections in both the UK and the USA, I’m not just talking about Russian involvement here because there has also been a lot of involvement from Israel to ensure that anyone with a platform who decries Israeli apartheid in Palestine is, not just vilified but completely destroyed by the MSM and politicians alike.

I think that when people start dividing the people it’s done because they want power and can only get it using tactics to divide everyone. Make the black folks hate the yellow ones, make women hate men, make men hate immigrants so that you can rule but it will only be a matter of time before the masses realise what you have done so if you haven’t rounded up the people you made everyone hate then you are doomed to failure. Eventually people will wake up and see you for who you are and won’t accept that any longer. Then you are doomed to fall, just as Hitler and the Nazis did (they were called National Socialists but there was nothing Socialist about them) they were right wing and held up Jews, Gypsies, Blacks and a divided German speaking peoples for all the woes of the country in the 1920’s. When people woke up and started fighting the Nazis from Germany and Austria they had lost everything that they had been using for more than 2 decades to control the people.

If you look back at the history of Nazi Germany you can see that they took control of the press first, started infiltrating peaceful protests and turning them into riots, then announcing in the press, and in rhetoric, that they were the only ones who could stop the violence by being more violent than anyone else. Ring any bells? The MSM today is controlled by and controlling the rhetoric of Dumpster and johnson with the intentions of keeping them in power for the next few years at least.

However, time is running out fast for them both (and the Russians enabling them to not worry about money). If we keep the pressure on and encouraging everyone to wake up and smell the coffee then we can get rid of them sooner rather than later. Dumpster has until November to try and keep the country divided, but johnson and cummings are running out of time in the UK. We’ve seen a lot of jobs being lost because of Covid and it won’t take long after Brexit before even more job losses wake the masses up to the reality of being duped by people who should never have been believed becoming in charge of the country they have destroyed internationally.