I had a friend who was gentle and short

by davebarclay1954

I was listening to the local news and just a short drive away a man was stabbed to death, 2 people have been arrested for the crime. The couple were cis, a man and a woman, nothing has been released about the victim but it makes me wonder if he was a victim of homophobia. The fact is that these horrible people are getting braver and braver again after we fought so hard to win recognition for the gay community.

If we don’t join together and fight against hatred everywhere it raises its ugly face then we are part of the problem. Makes no difference if it’s racism against anyone who isn’t white, homophobia against everyone who is gay, bi, lesbian, queer or trans. Makes no difference if it’s against straight cis people by other cis people because they dare to ally themselves with the LGBTQ community.

We should all recognise that we are the same, if you cut any one of us (man or woman or non-binary, black or white or yellow or brown) don’t we bleed and isn’t the blood red? If we accept our differences then the 1% can’t control us any longer. I wouldn’t care less if the 1% were taxed into oblivion because they are the ones stealing jobs (maybe that should be cutting jobs). Taking money out of the economy so they can keep hold of it, forcing their workers to work longer hours by cutting down on the size of their workforce. There are more and more people coming out of the closet and embracing themselves, more and more cis people are becoming supporters of the disenfranchised.

I have seen that the 1% keep gambling against good things happening, making a killing when it comes to pass and they win the bet. Of course it happens because they are the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes. If anyone can’t see that it must be because they believe still the lies published every day by the MSM furthering the myth that it was caused by you and me together. It seems that we do more damage to the economy and lives than anyone else, when we are living on benefits and the amount we get isn’t enough to live on, but people who are losing their jobs are beginning to realise that looking at them with venom because they were receiving too much was the fault of the MSM and the Tory Government since 2010. The truth is that no one can survive on the pittance they are receiving as Universal Credit, even after waiting 5 weeks or longer to receive it. There are no grants to apply for now, you might be able to borrow from the Social Fund but this has to be paid back to the Government with zero% interest but this leaves even less every month to feed a family.

Once unemployment reaches 50% (it’s only a matter of time, believe me) then those people who called for cuts to benefits will see first hand what these cuts have meant to the majority of those living on benefits. Will they still call for cuts to benefits? Of course not, they will be asking for benefits to be increased so that people can stop surviving and start living. After all, the money paid in benefits comes from taxation and National Insurance. People pay a lot of tax in their working lives, even if unemployed, because the Government tax almost everything indirectly. The only things exempt completely are necessary food stuffs. Everything else is taxed at point of use and the way things are going our NHS is going to disappear forever, once again making health care the prerogative of the wealthy – the same 1% who have taken everything else away from the working man.