If the summer changed to winter, Yours is no disgrace

by davebarclay1954

Well, the truth of the matter is, we were called Project Fear ahead of the 2016 referendum, told everyone that, given a sizeable majority, we would end up without a deal and we were once again called out as Project Fear, yet what has happened this week? The withdrawal agreement was ripped up by this murderous lying shitshow of a Government and they are back on course to cripple the country and make a killing in the process.

They and their backers, hedge fund managers, all gambled on a no deal Brexit with billions at their disposal. That is now a reality, they also gambled on the economy being crippled and since the withdrawal agreement has been ripped up no one will ever trust us again to keep our word. What does this mean for the economy of Britain and our exports so that we can import food from the rest of the world? Exports will be zero, imports will go through the roof leaving us no money to pay for them so the imports will then stop, apart from the rotten food that no one wants that will still find its way in.

Who is going to profit from the chaos which results? Only those Tory barstewards in power, their friends and hedge fund pals who will then leave the UK behind and swan off to someone’s private island to live their lives out like kings and queens.