The rain comes falling from the sky

by davebarclay1954

To fill the stream which runs to the sea, ok not a fabs song but it is one of them with his 70’s group, Wings. Just thought I would use it for this little post to let you know what happened to me today.

I went out this morning to get a little shopping and the supermarket was jam packed (busier than I had seen it in several months). Anyway, I went round quite quickly and got most of what I wanted but not everything. In the queue at the checkout there was an older couple behind me and he kept saying they should go round me because I was just standing there. His wife told him to shut up because I was only standing there because there was another couple unloading their trolley and social distancing meant I had to wait there until they moved.

Anyway, I moved forward and emptied out my trolley onto the conveyor belt and moved slightly forward, waiting for the man to pay and move away when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the man behind was unloading his trolley, I moved out of his way and turned round to tell him off when his wife woke up and grabbed him, pulling him back towards her. Just as the couple in front were putting their card into the reader he reached past me again and again I turned round to tell him to back off and keep his distance when, once again, his wife grabbed hold of him and this time pushed him behind her.

There are still those who, like me, don’t have to wear masks but we do so to keep others safe and you still get idiots going round stores with masks under their noses and sometimes under their chins. If they have recently caught the virus they will be contagious for about 2 weeks before they start showing symptoms so we should be allowed to pull them for putting our lives at risk? Wouldn’t you think?