Fibbing Friday 4 September 2020

by davebarclay1954

Thanks to my good friend pensitivity for copying these questions from Frank at PCGuyIV here are my takes on the questions and it is all in fun none of the answers are factual because it’s fibbing Friday:

  1. Who was the first President of the United States?
    John Carnegie with Joan Wilson as Vice Pres.
  2. What was Abraham Lincoln’s best known nickname?
  3. Who’s faces are carved into Mt. Rushmore?
    JF Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy Jr. and Marilyn Monroe
  4. What historic event started on April 19th, 1775?
    The Battle of Charles Washington to get away from his family
  5. What act of infamy is Benedict Arnold best known for?
    He put mustard on his toast
  6. Who was Gen. Charles Cornwallis?
    The famous chef from Michelin Tyres
  7. Why do we celebrate Labor Day?
    It was the first day everyone was allowed a holiday from work
  8. What is so special about the Autumnal Equinox?
    It has the longest night ever
  9. Why do tree leaves change color in the fall?
    They get tired and die off after a few months
  10. What do people mean when they say, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”?
    The wall is too high there’s no breeze getting in here