Turn my face to the wall

by davebarclay1954

Unfortunately I am still unable to download my iCloud pics to my pc even though this should be easy, I have even tried connecting my iPhone to the computer without any success. Oh well, these things are sent to try us I suppose.

I was reading a report today about someone speeding (doing 50 in a 20 zone near a school) and he broke another cars wing mirror clean off. That got me thinking about everyone last week who went rushing past us on motorways, dual carriageways and single track roads. We were going at the speed limit (sometimes 50, most times 70) and people would go flying past us as though we were standing still and they were doing the speed limit. I shudder to think what speed most of them were driving at and the only time any of them slowed down (at least that we witnessed) was when they saw a speed camera.

If these speed cameras could only be linked together to prove that someone did the journey between them far too fast to have been obeying the law… Maybe I should suggest this because across roadworks there are numerous cameras which can check the time someone goes past them and calculate an average speed they were doing so why not do this with speed cameras as well? If there were more of them say 4 or 5 miles apart on motorways or 7 to 10 miles apart on A roads then they may deter people from speeding between them if they still got tickets for going faster than the limit between them.