Here I stand head in hand

by davebarclay1954

Wow, what a weekend, travelled to London and the hotel I thought I’d booked (I was on the hotel web site through Mercure) turned out not to be the one with the booking. It was four miles away and further away from the Warner Bros Studio Tour that we were doing on Monday 24 August 2020 (four days after said tour was re-opening it’s doors following the UK lockdown easing). We went to the other hotel but didn’t like the outside look of it so we went in and cancelled our booking but were told that we would have to try and cancel online through (I couldn’t make out why to cancel there when it wasn’t booked through them).

Anyway, back to the hotel we originally tried to get into, the one I thought I had booked, so I rang them and paid again for a 2 night stay. I didn’t want to do that without any assurance that we would get a refund but I wouldn’t be able to check until I arrived home. All sorted back we went to the Hunton Park hotel and checked in. When we got to the room it was a little small but since we weren’t going to be spending a lot of time there that wasn’t going to be a problem. We went downstairs to find the restaurant closed but were told we could order food in the bar and sit in or take it to our room. As the eating tables (and the bar itself) were deserted we decided to eat upstairs at a table.

The food was absolutely divine and we were both exhausted after the long drive down to Watford. However, we wanted to explore the grounds while we had the chance so outside we went and the grounds were amazing. We spent a little while walking round and then sat on a bench when we arrived at a dead end, the silence was amazing, the trees killed the traffic noise and you would never believe Greater London could be this quiet, ever.

When the sun went behind the trees we decided to return to the room and chill ahead of Harry Potter the following day. Once up in the room, I lay down and went straight off to sleep, only to wake up a few hours later with a headache and a stiff neck. My wife was asleep but woke up when I climbed back into bed some 10 minutes later after rubbing my neck. If we had any sleep at all that night it wasn’t long.

Anyway, Monday morning we woke up at 9 and started getting ready to leave for Warner’s The Making of Harry Potter. My wife had been twice before but this was only my second visit. We were going to walk but took a wrong turn and so returned for the car to drive there. Arriving at the entrance to the car park was a sign of things to come, the drive in was one way and we were told that we had to follow instructions from the attendants who would tell us where to park, there were limited spaces and hardly any crowds there. A huge change from my last visit and the front was open which was different than my wife’s last visit.

To be continued…