A Netflix Original: The Umbrella Academy

by davebarclay1954

I’m not sure if anyone else has been watching this, it only recently came back with Season 2, I had not seen Season 1 and my wife told me that it was more my thing than hers so I settled down to watch the first episode and thoroughly enjoyed it. I binged Season 1 which, as expected, finished on a cliff hanger with the children going back in time to escape the apocalypse of 2019. Then Season 2 started with them arriving in Dallas at different times while the apocalypse followed them back and was again witnessed by 5.

This is a drug fuelled fantasy, with nothing really going for it except the characters (weird as it may seem they are all believably portrayed by the actors, the main antagonist is a woman and the one pursuing them is also a woman. Very strong roles for women in this series and it’s not just white women either, there is a strong black woman, a psychopathic latino man who does marvellous things with a knife. His love interest was killed by two assassins sent through from the Commission who kill anyone threatening the time line but don’t worry about collateral damage.

Even though Lucy is back for a 6th season I haven’t started watching that again because I am so engrossed in this series. I really enjoyed the first 4 seasons but the fifth left me lost, it was only 10 episodes instead of the 20 we usually get from the USA, but he returned to Hell at the end which he said he would never do. I have been looking forward to the return for ages but have become so involved in the Umbrella Academy I want to finish that before starting fresh with something new. Even if it is new/old and I like all the main characters in it.