There’s none so blind

by davebarclay1954

Why don’t people wake up to the destruction all around them today? Is it because they don’t care about the planet, other people, and animals we share with everyone here? People power is still a thing today as we have shown so often since the beginning of the current pandemic, however, it is always the same people who shout the loudest against injustices being done in the name of Fascist Governments at home and abroad.

If we dare to criticise our Government for their policies then we are told to “get over it” because they won and we lost, but what they fail to acknowledge is that they only won by cheating and didn’t win fairly, in fact if it wasn’t for the involvement of the Russian Government they would have lost, and the loss would have been total annihilation for those behind the scenes. The Manafort’s, Kushner’s and Cummings who were behind the tRump campaign and the Brexit referendum. Both countries have published reports into Russian involvement which both Governments have tried to bury, the tRumpster successfully so far, the Tories failed miserably.

When the masses wake up to the fact that we have lost everything (and I do mean everything) they will start to complain about the no deal Brexit the politicians are going to deliver. Once we leave fully at the end of this year that means the booze cruises stop, the cost of travel to Europe increases and there will be tax to pay on everything over the limit we bring in after a holiday. No longer will we be able to bring as much booze and tobacco products into the country tax free. This means that prices in the shops will go up and the criminals will be taking more chances to bring bootleg booze and tobacco over from the continent, but the police will be cracking down on this trade. No longer will they be able to say they are carrying so much for their own personal consumption because duty will have to be paid.

What is going to happen to the masses then, when they are losing jobs because companies here with an opening into Europe’s markets will be leaving for France, Spain or Germany? The money markets have already closed their London HQ’s and moved to Frankfurt, Berlin and Paris, putting thousands in the dilemma of what to do now their jobs are moving. Go with them or go on the dole? Benefits are going to be further squeezed once the total cost of Brexit is known, people will become homeless because they can’t pay rent and mortgages. The Government don’t care as long as they are keeping more and more money in offshore accounts depressing the economy alongside their chums who have billions lying in offshore accounts where they don’t pay any tax on the interest, unlike British Banks who have to charge depositors for interest paid on the money with them. Most of this money goes to those billionaires in cheap loans because they would lose out by using their own billions.

There really are none so blind as those who refuse to see what is happening all around them, the anarchy which is coming is exactly what Cummings has been pushing for and why Cameron sacked him, why May refused to re-instate him but Johnson welcomed him with open arms because his anarchy pledged to make rich men richer. Is it any wonder that the only people to benefit from the pandemic have been the 1%? Those billionaires who could most afford to keep the country and social services running. They refuse to pay tax yet will accept tax rebates, and they don’t care if the NHS is fully privatised taking it out of the reach of most people in this country. That is going to be another effect of Brexit they didn’t make clear.