Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional

by davebarclay1954

Please don’t tell me to act my age because I’ve never been this age before today. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught me it’s to take care of others in ways that they may never appreciate or know. I’ve seen people complaining about having to wear masks because they offer “me” no protection. While that is true, there is another fact, not wearing one puts everyone you come in contact with at risk because this virus is still transmissible before the symptoms show. Wearing a face covering should be worn properly otherwise there isn’t any point in wearing one.

I do go out more frequently than I used to and some people criticise me for wearing a mask when I’m alone, but it is done to protect them, just in case I have contracted the virus so they don’t catch it from me. What can we do to educate stupid? Absolutely nothing because stupid is as stupid does. The problem today is there are so many out there who can’t see the evil when it’s right in front of them. If we don’t do anything now to control the spread of this virus then it will end up decimating the human race, because of all the wrong we have done as a species to this planet we call home.

Okay, there are quite a few things circulating on Twitter today, including a critique of Gove’s wife who tweeted that Johnson should not have gone on holiday, but he never does any work when he’s not on holiday so what difference does it make now he’s made it clear he is not working?

If we were to get promoted into a position we were unfit to occupy in these days we’d soon find ourselves out of a job. In the past people used to joke that civil servants were promoted as high as they were until they could not do the job. While this was certainly true of a lot of top civil servants back in the day, most of them actually learned how to do their job quite quickly because they were in the public spotlight by having the ears of ministers and giving them answers to Parliamentary Questions. I was once in the position of providing statistics to answer some of these questions, there are lies, damn lies and statistics. When giving my superiors the statistics they asked for I provided them with the qualification for vast changes in them. These were not always provided to the minister being tasked with the answer.

That is why statistics have such a bad press, if you don’t qualify the data then it means nothing. Unless it is like for like it just doesn’t add up. For example, if the total size of the Civil Service came into question and was found to be, for example, 1.5m people and the minister said it had to be reduced by 50% and there were 750,000 people being counted although, technically, not Civil Servants because they worked for an external body, cutting this number out of the reckoning would meet the target reduction without anyone being sacked or made redundant. (This is not based on fact but it is the way statistics can be manipulated to show anything we like).