Beware The Thoughts That Linger

I was listening once again to George Harrison’s third solo album “All Things Must Pass” and this song struck a chord with me and started me thinking about the Beatles, youth, climate crisis and what I can do to bring about a change. I know better than most that my voice alone isn’t going to carry any weight with the powers that be, however, by adding my voice to that of others who also see the chaos and want to stop the madness we can do it together.

I know this is a cliché but that’s got to be worth a try (again) hasn’t it? There is so much injustice in the world today so where do we start? Since the beginning of the year there have been winners and losers to Covid-19, the top 1% have been huge winners amassing even bigger fortunes for providing the British Government with nothing. Cummings wife owns a company which has no assets and exists as a holding company with no subsidiaries, yet she won an uncontested franchise to provide the Government with PPE for those on the front-line. The PPE they provided were all out of date and could not be used.

Then she was awarded another multi-million-pound contract for a track and trace app, even though this was offered FREE by the German Government to Johnson, she again failed to deliver but has never once been asked to repay the Government money she was given. This money has come from the tax payer and should not have been wasted in this manner. Any Government giving money to it’s chums would, normally, be held to account by the opposition but the opposition right now is Tory-Lite who have refused to back anyone criticising the Government.

We used to have a Parliament with checks and balances but since 2010 we have had Government taking money away from those who need it in order to give it to the rich and it’s about time we started reversing this, taking money from those with the most to share the wealth around and fund central funding of necessary services the way it used to be in the days before Thatcher. I remember there were problems with the Railway, but not as many as we have today, when it was owned by everyone. Similarly, every other public service which has been sold off is no longer operating to serve the country but to serve the wealthy. As long as we have a system which favours the rich and allows them to commit crimes openly without holding them to account then we have lost our Democracy just the same as the USA have. Both countries have been bought by Putin’s oligarchy in Russia who helped to pervert the course of the referendum in 2016, two General Elections in 2017 and 2019 and a presidential election in 2016. They have also been given a green light by tRump to interfere in the Presidential Elections in 2020, to this end he is breaking up the USPS to stop postal votes getting through.

We are living through more dangerous times than we ever were during the Cold War, Putin used to be KGB under the USSR, as were most of the oligarch’s currently running Russia. He is seeking to rebuild the Soviet Union under his control, not working for everyone but working only for him. Just the way a lot of the old Soviet Commissars used to run it, for their own benefit at the expense of those at the bottom of the pile. The USSR was originally devised (by Karl Marx) as a Socialist State, with everything under State Control and the State fixing everything from wages to prices for everything. Just like George Orwell’s Animal Farm though, those in charge became corrupted by their power and the whole came down around their ears when there came one who had never lost sight of a Government for the people by the people.

If we continue to be Governed by the few then the many will fall further and further behind. After all, when the many are being disenfranchised by the few and believe that the blame lies with a minority of the many (causing them to become fragmented and fighting among themselves) there will be no change to the status quo. If we want a change then we have to make this happen ourselves. I refuse to believe that the EU were refusing to negotiate when Johnson wanted to leave the EU without any deal and that is exactly what he is going to do. His Government are also blaming migrants for the long waiting lists at the NHS hospitals, the truth is that underfunding and getting rid of so many doctors and nurses has caused these congested lists. The majority of the refugees coming here are escaping a war started by Blair and further promoted by Cameron since 2010 (and May from 2016, with Johnson not stopping it and spending more on bombing campaigns since 2019).

Because of all this ineptitude by successive Tory PM’s we are becoming the laughing stock of the world, taking over from tRump, after all, how many other countries would cut their own throats to make a political statement? The European Union is the biggest, peaceful bloc of countries since the end of World War II. If we don’t rejoin once the true cost of Brexit (job losses and unemployment over 5million souls) following on from Covid-19 economic disaster then I forecast more riots taking place in the country, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland declaring themselves independent and asking to rejoin the EU in their own right. Where will that leave the tRump/Johnson trade negotiations? After all tRump wants the NHS for himself to tear it apart, including the other 3 nations, and he wants part of Scotland and Wales included in his private deal. However, if they declare independence and rejoin the EU that will leave him with egg on his face (again).