How many seas must a white dove sail

by davebarclay1954

Before she can sleep in the sand, the answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind. An oldie but still asking the same questions we have never been able to answer. There are so many questions without answers today, for example why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves? Why do they call people stupid for questioning everything when the answers bring wisdom.

It seems that the mass media are still doing a terrific job in the UK, forget all the lies and lucrative Government contracts to provide essential equipment which is, to quote Johnson, “Spaffed up the wall” because the equipment either never materialises or else it is totally unfit for purpose. But don’t hold the Government to account for paying it’s supporters and friends, as well as spouses, billions of tax payers money with nothing to show for it. No concentrate instead on the rubber dinghy’s coming ashore in the South, with people from Syria escaping a war that was funded by this same Government way back in 2010.

The fact that so many in this country can’t see what is right in front of their faces, and when we ask them to wake up we are called for everything that they, in their sleeping state can’t see. That is why good men like Jeremy Corbyn, who cares about everyone and is labelled as “Dangerous and crazy” is thrown to the wolves, while the crazy and dangerous Johnson is elected to a position he has no hope of being good at. He liked the idea of being Prime Minister and he will relish the fact of being an ex-PM it’s just the job itself he is incapable of doing.